Dustin Sweatman leaves Mark Trammell Quartet; Nick Trammell joins

The Mark Trammell Quartet has announced that Dustin Sweatman is leaving to accept the Renaissance Program Director of Choirs position at Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee. He will remain with the group through the National Quartet Convention and start with Bethel the following week.

He will be replaced by Mark Trammell’s son Nick Trammell. Nick has performed with the Perrys and, most recently, with his wife Jessica’s family, The Browns.

The announcement states:

Nick shares that he is excited to fulfill a dream of standing beside his father in Christian work. Likewise, Mark is pleased to have his son joining him as he carries on a quartet tradition that Mark first loved as a child growing up in Arkansas.

“This is definitely a time of growth for our ministry and the doors of opportunity have been thrown open,” says Mark. “I had to know that Nick’s desire to follow in my footsteps was not only Nick’s desire but more importantly God’s plan for everyone involved.

The announcement closes by noting that the group will debut a new recording at the National Quartet Convention—and a new full-time pianist afterwards.

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  1. Ah, I was afraid of that. I will have the pleasure of seeing Dustin’s last set with the quartet, on Friday night at NQC.

    I was really disappointed ’til I saw the last line about a full-time pianist. That’s very good news.

    Excited about the future God has in store for these guys, including Dustin.

    • I think audiences will love adding the father/son dynamic to the group. And with the new full-time pianist … I’m going to miss Dustin, for sure, but I’m as excited as all get out about the future for MTQ! 🙂

  2. WOW!!! I am really going to hate to see Dustin go! What he great singer he is! He has been a blessing to myself and many others all around with his great lead vocals and piano playing. I wish him all the best luck, though, with his new position at the university, and I know he will do great. With that being said, this announcement also excites me! Nick and Mark in a quartet together!!!? It is going to be great! I cannot wait to hear the group when they debut this lineup. I always loved Nick with The Perrys and he did a great job with The Browns as well. However, I just feel like we are going to hear Nick at his absolute best when he “teams up” with his dad and MTQ. Praying for Dustin and MTQ and all things to come!

    • “My Child is Coming Home,” off of the Browns’ latest CD, showed just how strong of a singer Nick has become. Had the song – even with the same arrangement and track, and the new MTQ lineup vocals – been on the last MTQ project, it would have been an easy pick for single.

      For more on that album: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/13009

  3. Wow, this came as a bit of a shocker to me. I’m excited to hear them in the future though!

  4. Is this also a precursor to a name change to “The Trammell Quartet”? I am excited to hear this new lineup. Should be a good one!

  5. Feeling very sad that Dustin is leaving. Happy that Nick is joing the group. Who’s the new pianist? Any ideas?

    • Stewart V?????

      • He would be an incredible addition, that’s for sure!

    • I was just thinking about Garry Jones today. I wonder if he has any interest in getting back on the road with a group. Did his and Mark’s time with GC cross at all?

      • Yes, briefly in 1994. Garry’s last album he produced for Gold City was Mark and Jay Parrack’s debut with the quartet: “Renewed”.

      • Garry and Mark were also on Lord Do It Again and Classics together

  6. Went to the Lari Goss “The Man Behind The Music” taping at TBN tonight and Nick was singing with MTQ.

    • I would imagine they were taping a video of the event and wanted the long-term lineup on the video.

    • That’s interesting! I would agree with Brian – probably long-term planning there. Did they sing “Statue of Liberty”?

      • I was wondering if they sang something from their forthcoming Goss-produced project.

      • According to Charlie Sexton’s facebook post, they performed “I Wanna Know.”

      • Cool! That would be Goss’s latest #1 hit, I believe, so it would make perfect sense to include it in a program of that nature.

      • When you think of Goss, you think of the big orchestrated ballads. So it’s good they got to contribute one and uptempo number.

  7. We were honored to apart of that great Lari Goss tribute concert. Were sang i wanna know, and It’s Almost Over. Nick did a great job, and Dustin cheered us on from the audience like a true professional. Be sure to catch us before Convention and let Dustin know how much you appreciate his contribution over the last 7 years.

    • It will be my honor to be there and to do so, brother!

  8. Great news! Always been a fan of Nick’s!

  9. Nick will be great with his dad. It not only improves the group vocally, but dynamically on stage. Hope to catch them soon.