Glenn Dustin leaves Legacy Five

Glenn DustinLegacy Five just announced in their email newsletter that founding bass member Glenn Dustin is leaving the group. Dustin’s statement read:

Dear Legacy Five Family,

If you know me at all, you know I am a man of few words, so I’ll be brief.

It is with much regret that I am announcing my resignation. Effective immediately, I will no longer be traveling and singing with Legacy Five. I have had the time of my life, traveling the highways with L5, getting to meet so many wonderful people. However, nothing lasts forever. I have been honored to see so many things that I would have never had the opportunity to, apart from L5. I have so many wonderful memories, and I will miss so many people.

Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, and continue to pray for and encourage L5. I will miss those men, and I doubt there will be a day that passes where I don’t think of them. I have so many wonderful memories.

In His Grip,
Glenn “Cuz” Dustin

Dustin became a fan favorite the moment he stepped on stage. He was a nominee for Horizon Individual in the Singing News Fan Awards his first year on the roadβ€”losing out to fellow Legacy Five charter member Josh Cobb.

This leaves the two Scotts, lead singer Scott Fowler and baritone singer Scott Howard, as the only remaining original members.

Dustin’s resignation is effective immediately; Legacy Five is currently accepting auditions for a replacement. Interested bass singers can submit an mp3 toΒ .

UPDATE, 4/25/13: Glenn Dustin is now driving buses for the Hemphill Brothers coach company.

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  1. Wow. One of those things you just would never expect. Thirteen years is a long time, though. Prayers for all those involved.

    • They’re scheduled to be on stage in Alberta, Canada tonight. Praying in particular for this weekend in the Great North.

  2. I am really sorry to see Glenn leave the group. My prayer is for Glenn to to be fulfilled wherever God would have him be. I also pray for L5 to find a good replacement quickly.

  3. I’m in a bit of shock. Never would have expected this. Glenn has always been one of my favorite bass singers.

  4. Wow, we are stunned. We will miss Glenn, but treasure the fun memories we have of him. The LAs are really sad. πŸ™

    Blessings to him and Legacy Five!

  5. Very sad to see Glenn go. I wonder why he is leaving? It seems so sudden.

    • It’s not necessarily sudden. Often, when someone just needs a break from the road or is feeling the urge to move on to another calling, they think about it for weeks or months before making a decision.

      • This is very true.

      • Yes…..But this seems pretty sudden, no explanation other than that “Effective immediately, I will no longer be traveling and singing with Legacy Five.” Most people if they have been thinking about leaving, at least give their group notice and don’t leave them hanging a day before they are going to sing.

      • But we don’t know that his decision was sudden. It hit us suddenly, but he may have been thinking about it for months, and he may well have given Scott 2 weeks’ notice or more.

      • Daniel…. it is your “feel” or “educated guess” that Glenn is resigning due to health or family issues that is taking him all the way out of the industry or is it your “feel” or “educated guess” that he may be moving elsewhere like to Greater Vision or some other group? In essence, it it your sense that he is leaving L5 because he has to or because he wants to?

      • My guess is that he’ll be off of the road for a while, at least. But the longer I do this, the less inclined I am to speculate as to why someone left.

      • Anyone heard any more about Glenn Dustin? I’m wondering if he will surface with another group this fall? However, the way things were announced makes me think this might not have been a happy parting of the ways…hope I’m wrong…

      • He has not yet announced his future plans.

  6. This is a very sad day for me. I’m a huge L5 fan and an even bigger Glenn Dustin fan. I will miss him deeply. Glenn is as enjoyable off stage as he is on stage and his departure truly leaves a big hole in Legacy Five.
    I am thankful I had the opportunity to see Legacy Five this past Friday in Terrell, TX as it was, little to my knowledge, the last time I’d get to hear him live. Having said that, I could tell that something was wrong with him during the show. Nothing particular, other than that he forgot the words to β€œI’ve Been Changed”, he just wasn’t himself.
    I wish all the best to Glenn and his family and I’m in prayer for the rest of Legacy Five as this will be a tough transition.

    • It’s sad to see someone of Glenn Dustins ability leave. Really in this day and time its quite an accomplishment to have stayed on the road for as long as he did. I really feel that he had one of the best bass voices to come along in a long time. He certainly fit what Legacy Five did to a T. As someone who has driven over the road, I can tell you life on the road can become very old. You add the fact that your away from family and it only compounds it. As sad as all the changes that continually happen in Southern Gospel it’s understandable, because these singers we enjoy so much are human too.

    • Thanks Eric. I always liked talking to you.

      • Glenn, if you are reading this blog–and I believe you are–I hope you and your family are doing fine and that everyone is happy and healthy. You probably don’t remember me but we have spoken on several occasions in Colorado and in Florida where I now live and I have always been a big L5 fan and Glenn Dustin fan. I hope you will be back out there in the near future. I was, and am, worried that something was really wrong with the health of you or your loved ones. I pray that is not so. Much brotherly love and know that you are greatly loved and sorely missed. Your Brother in the faith–Cliff

      • Glenn, I wish the best brother whatever the reason. May God continue to bless you. I’m looking to get back into singing. I sing bass also. Not as good as you or Tim Riley. But I’ve been told that I’m good. I give God the glory. I’m originally from North Carolina. I grew up listening to the gospel Jubilee. I retired from the Army after 24 years in 2008. Retired in Colorado. I sung barbershop for a while here in the Springs back in 2010. But my job got in the way. It would be tough for me to be on the road. We have twin boys, one is autistic & tourettes, and one is bi-polar. Anyway…Your in my prayers…so is L5, Gold city, ehss. Take care.

  7. I am saddened by this. Glenn was and will always be one of my favorite bass singers. He is a great guy, and one of the very best bass singers there is. I hope he does well in his future endeavors.

    As for L5 I wonder which direction they will turn next… Randy Byrd would make a terrific replacement IMO. Other guys who would do well include; Dennis Dugger, Brandon Barry, and Stacy Bragg.

    • They couldn’t do better than Randy Byrd. Besides that he’s probably the best bass singer not with a group right now, he loves their music, he loves the Cathedrals, he loves the fans, and he loves the Lord. Hard to top that!

      • He has already stated on Facebook that he would love the opportunity to join L5. I hope Scott takes notice! I agree that hey could not do better than Randy. I will say that Gus’s relationship with Stacy Bragg could come into play though…

      • Was Stacy the one who left the Mike LeFevre Quartet to accept a promotion, and a promotion of the nature that wouldn’t permit enough weekend hours to tour with a SG quartet?

      • Keith Inman left the LeFevre Quartet because of a promotion, but I don’t remember if that’s why Stacy left. I think Randy is an excellent candidate! I also thought of Tim Duncan as another bass that isn’t singing full time right now.

      • Ah, it was Keith. I knew it was one of their bass singers, but couldn’t remember which.

        Tim Duncan’s with Canton Junction, and I have good reason to suspect they will be gaining more publicity this fall. πŸ™‚

      • That sounds very interesting, Mr. Mount!!

      • It was meant to. πŸ™‚

      • You are exactly right Daniel. Randy Byrd, in my opinion, is one of the finest bass singers that have ever stepped onto a stage to sing!! He is a great Christian man and I am honored to call him a friend. I know that Randy misses singing so much and I have been praying that God would allow him another opportunity where he could sing and be such a blessing to more and more people. I believe that he could do that with Legacy Five.

        To your question about Stacy, I believe he (in addition to Keith) had to come off of the road because his job would not allow him to travel on the weekends. His was a promotion as well. I do not know as much about Keith’s promotion though. I hope that is helpful. πŸ™‚

      • That does line up with what I was remembering. OK! πŸ™‚

      • Your thoughts about Jeff Pearles and whether he would be a candidate to replace Glenn?

      • He seems to fit fairly well, vocally and personally, where he is now. I don’t know if he is himself Seventh-Day Adventist, but the group he’s with now is.

      • Having been the first bus driver for L5, I can tell you that Glenn Dustin was the finest memeber of the group. He is a very kind person at all times. He was, and is my friend. He is true blue in public and in private.

    • Nate, you listed Brandon Berry with other basses who aren’t active on the road: is Brandon still with Mike LeFevre?

      • If he has left, his departure has not yet been announced. That much I know for sure!

      • I threw his name out there for the simple fact that L5’s last two additions have been acquisitions from the Lefevre Quartet; nobody bit lol. I do believe that Brandon would be a good fit vocally, I don’t know him well enough to know whether he would be a good fit in all the other areas besides vocally. Now Randy Byrd on the other hand would fit L5 in every way.

      • Looking back, I found this interesting since Barry is no longer with the LeFeathers.

      • “Looking back, I found this interesting since Barry is no longer with the LeFeathers.”

        Are you saying he flew the coop? Maybe we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch.

    • Nate, you are the greatest guy ever!

      • Glenn, thanks for stopping by and replying to some of the comments from your fans!

  8. It’s going to be hard to imagine L5 without Glenn. But I’m sure that Scott will be able to find someone that fits in.

    Let’s just pray that they don’t become a trio! πŸ˜›

    • They can’t become a trio —- they need at least one bass singer so they can sing the “Jubilee” songs. Glenn was the only one they had as it was!

      • Besides, there’s that little fact that they’re no longer Legacy FIVE as a trio! πŸ™‚

      • I don’t know about that. How many quartets have pianists and call themselves “quartet”? Then you have groups like the Oak Ridge Boys, Florida Boys, Down Easy Boys etc. who are anything but boys. Then you have the Booth Brothers that only have two brothers whose names are Booth in the group. Shall I go on? πŸ˜€

      • The pianist still accompanies the quartet, you know. πŸ™‚

      • I know, but they are often considered a member of the group whereas bands are considered a separate entity. Also, an example is the group Legacy Five. The fifth is the pianist you know. πŸ˜›

      • It all depends on how each individual group wants to market themselves. To some, the pianist is like part of the group (EHSS, L5, etc). To others, the pianist takes more of a back seat in an accompanying role, and doesn’t share the spotlight that the vocalists get.

  9. Well to say the least I am very very sad! But the worse thing is having to tell my Adrianna that lives Glenn! The Fisher’s will surely miss you!!!! We live you Glenn! God Bless

    • Marsha,
      I will miss yall. Please tell Adrianna hello for me.

  10. Does Glenn have a health problem or someone in the family? Seems sudden….he will be missed!

  11. I’m thinking of Matt Fouch of Soul’d Out as a good replacement .H’e one of my favorite up and coming bass singers!!!

  12. Seems sudden to me also, and I also thought of a possible health issue with him or the family. When someone says “effective immediately” with no further explanation, it brings questions to mind. Human nature. This is true about the recent multiple changes in the Dixie Echoes. I am sure that there are many, many people who are saddened by Glenn’s departure, including L5, Greater Vision, and the Booth Brothers. The Jubilee 3 group all seemed to be so close.

  13. So, does this mean Caleb now has a chance of becoming L5’s new bass?


  14. I hate to see Glenn leave. I was looking forward to seeing him at NQC in September. Maybe they have a chance at Randy Byrd or Keith Plott.

  15. Bummer… He was my favorite!!! :/

  16. Glenn grew on me as a bass singer and the past few years I considered him one of the top on the road…..the thing that sticks in my mind about Legacy 5 is their class….they will need to try and replace that Cathedral/Legacy 5 class on stage….best wishes in their search….I have my doubts about some of those mentioned above (although they are great)… I think they will go with someone in their 40’s….

  17. these things are hard to understand. My only thought is with L5 going to Canada and Montana, couldn’t he wait till they returned. Or, why not give two-three weeks notice. Not fair to leave immediately–unless it is something grave, which I suspect it is. We have seen such things before, and, I have always seen new people rise to the challenge of fitting in and in a few months L5 will be just fine because Scott is an excellent qt. manager. I have no doubt he will pick the right person.

    • I would imagine that Scott Howard could slide to bass for awhile, and Trey Ivey (who is a very solid singer) would take the baritone slot.

  18. Wow what a loss for those of us who have been so blessed by such a gifted and servant voice. We will miss our treks to Cody WY, to hear you sing Glenn. We travel from Billings, MT each Spring for the concert.
    You and your family are certainly in our prayers for God’s blessing and protection.
    I am 65 years old and when I grow up I would like to be able to sing bass like you.

  19. I too felt Dustin wasn’t himself at the Wooster, Ohio concert this spring. I left thinking, he may be tired of the road. It has to work on you and the family.

  20. It is indeed sad that Glenn is leaving but their is a time and a season for everything. We may not know why he is leaving but we must support him in this and his future endeavors. I have no doubt that Scott and crew will pick a fitting replacement. It will be strange not seeing him singing w/ Legacy Five. I have gone to L5 concerts in my area for years and always loved hearing Glenn hit those LOW LOW bass notes. It will be an adjustment but no more of one than when Josh Cobb, Tony Jarman or Frank Seamens left. We might not understand why but I believe it’s God’s calling for Glenn to move on to something different. All we can do is sit back and wait and keep supporting L5 and Glenn and the rest will fall in place. With that being said we will miss you Glenn!

  21. I have enjoyed Glenn’s voice and his stage presence. It seemed so easy for him being up there. I know the work involved, but he presented himself well, and I’ll certainly miss his voice/aura in Legacy Five.
    They have been quite stable, vocally, since they started, with the exception of tenor .

  22. Of the men mentioned above, I vouch for Stacy Bragg, or even better, Jeff Pearles.
    The best options are Gerald Williams and Jim Stewart. Unfortunatley, Gerald is retiring, and Jim will forever be associated with the Pine Ridge Boys.
    Hey, what about David Hester? Any chance seeing him back on the road?

  23. Mike Jennings.

  24. Micah Watkins would be my pick

  25. I’d love to see Gene McDonald with L5 πŸ™‚

    • I’d like to see Gene McDonald with any quartet…

      I am saddened to see Glenn go, but Scott F. is one of the best quartet men out there. You can rest assured he will hire a superb replacement. During their existence, other than the original tenor who I liked very much but was probably a bit immature, each hire has been very solid and great additions to the group. I am speaking of both vocalists and piano players…

      I’ll sure be praying for Scott…


      • Gene McDonald would be a grand slam hire for L5; but I don’t see him leaving the homecoming tour/solo work. He is IMO the BEST bass singer currently singing today. Call me crazy but I will almost go as far as saying he may one day go down as the best bass singer of all time.

      • Thanks, Lee!

      • Okay, you’re crazy. πŸ˜‰ McDonald is good, but Tim Riley is the best bass traveling hands down. Howard could sing a choir bass, but he wouldn’t be able to hit the notes Dustin does.

      • Riley is the greatest legend on the road. That said, I think McDonald’s voice is probably more versatile.

      • Ok Quartet man, maybe I am a little crazy; however I agree with Daniel in that Gene has the more versatile voice and that goes a LONG way with me in regards to bass singing. With that said I do believe Tim Riley is the best “bass” singer; but not the best singer who happens to sing bass… If that makes any sense lol. Or maybe like I said I am just crazy.

      • I agree that his voice is more versatile, but if you want rock solid, rich bass vocals with lots of cut, Tim Riley is the man. Now George Younce had the qualities I say Riley had, and was versatile. Riley likely beat Younce at cut and maybe a note or two at times, but George came closer than Gene AND had the qualities that Gene has. That and his stage presence are why I had to vote for Younce over Riley on the poll once although George didn’t beat Tim in some areas.

      • When I said ‘had” it wasn’t that I didn’t want to vote for George, but that it’s hard to choose between two favorites (especially who have different qualities).

      • I would place Pat Barker ahead of Gene McDonald. And look out for Daniel Ashmore!

      • Scott learned from three of the best quartet men ever the lessons of building and maintaining a high class, high quality, God-serving quartet in George Younce, Glen Payne and Roger Bennett. I have no doubt that Scott will follow the same formula he and Roger followed in creating L5 in filling ‘Cuz’s shoes. That being said….let’s hope and pray that Scott Howard isn’t planning on going anywhere else, anyway soon!!!!

      • I understand your point, and this isn’t a total apples to apples comparison, but Richard Sterban left the Stamps who were singing backup to Elvis, to join the Oaks. I am sure many people thought he had lost it, but:
        1. I think his wife didn’t like him singing with Elvis
        2. With the Stamps although they did their own dates and he sometimes sang bass by himself, I think he was also always going to be seen as second fiddle with J.D. being there.
        3. The Oaks were one of the most popular groups at the time and he saw potential for that and probably more.
        History has shown that he made the right decision.

      • However, there are people who have a personality of a nature that they would rather play second fiddle. My father has that sort of his personality – he loves a situation like being a #2 person in a department, but wouldn’t want the #1 spot for anything!

      • Let’s be clear on one thing….there is no bass singer…. I mean NO bass singer out there today that could match George Younce, JD Sumner or Big Chief Jim Wetherington. That’s not to take away from Tim Riley, Claude Hopper, Gene McDonald, Glenn Dustin, Tim Duncan, Pat Barker, Mike Holcomb, Jeff Chapman, Eric Bennett, Ed O’Neal, Ian Owens, Jeff Pearles, Christian Davis, Matt Fouch, Bill Gaither, Tracy Stuffle or any of the other great bass singers who are out their fighting the good fight and carrying on the work of these legends. AND there are some active legends in that list. But George, JD and Big Chief set the bar for all to follow. And I’m sure if you ask any of these men, they’ll tell you that there position was indeed defined by these men. But I thank God for all of these….and I’m sure George, JD and Chief would be tickled to know such quality bass singers are following in their footsteps and would encourage them in every way possible!

  26. Hey L5. Yall need to get Justin Terry. He is great and he’s available.

    • I really like Tim RIley and Pat Barker but I would put MIke Presnell of Perfect Heart right there with them….

  27. Jason, I agree!!! I’ve mentioned Justin Terry’s name by commenting in a few blogs but you’re the first person I know of to say the same thing. Maybe people just don’t know Justin Terry, who was fantastic with Cross 4 Crowns. I’m sure there are lots of guys who could do the job but I really can’t think of anybody better than Justin Terry, and as far as I know he’s not with a group now.

    • Hey Vic! Glad someone agrees. Justin Terry isn’t with a group now but he did record a solo cd a while back that showcases some good bass singing and good singing period. I personally think he would be the best choice when you take into account his age and range and ability!

      • Hi Jason,

        I’m not sure how this “reply” thing works….if it’s just to you or not. If I remember correctly anybody can see a reply from me to you but it’s in a separate place. Anyway, I first heard Justin Terry on “Celebrating Resurrection Morning” and became a really big fan of his, and of Cross 4 Crowns. I sent an email to Allen Leath complimenting them and received a very nice reply. Allen jokingly referred to Cross 4 Crowns as the best Southern Gospel quartet nobody has ever heard of. I think I’ve heard that statement before but it really applies/applied to Cross 4 Crowns. I buy quite a bit of music from and I think I bought everything available by them.

  28. Only one guy i’d like to see with him his name? my buddy Teddy Ray Bullard (formerly with The Stamps). A guy who will teach the bass singing Angels to sing properly someday! πŸ˜‰

  29. You know, it would be HUGE for L5 if they could get George Younce or London Parris!

    • Yeah… would be really huge considering both men have passed away!!!!

  30. Such a bummer. He was one of my favorite basses. I liked him and Tim Duncan and now neither are singing anymore. I hope they find a good new bass singer.

    • But Tim Duncan is singing! He’s with Canton Junction, and they were recently in the studio to record their debut project.

      • Daniel, I had heard that Canton Junction was going to do a NQC appearance as part of a fall kick-off tour after the debut project. But they aren’t listed on the NQC line-up. Do you know if they’re going to do NQC or a fall tour. And what is the expected release date of Canton’s first CD project?

      • I don’t know for sure if they will be at NQC, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  31. I’m sincerely shocked that no one has mentioned Christian Davis, the bass singer for Dailey and Vincent. Christian has one of the greatest bass voices in the business and has a ton of experience. His solo CD vocals ave a “George Younce” feel to them. He has sang with The Sounds of Liberty, the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet, (with which Christian began as the original bass singer), the Old Friends Quartet (while George Younce was ill),the Christian Brothers Quartet, Mercy’s Mark and, as already mentioned, as of late, Dailey and Vincent. One last thought remains…. Gene McDonald isn’t going anywhere as long as Gaither needs him. I believe Bill is keeping Gene in the wings in case he needs him to take over his spot in the Vocal Band from time to time, judging by his utilization of Gene during some of the Homecoming Concerts over the last year. Daniel, what do you think of Christian as a “fit” for Legacy Five?

    • Dailey & Vincent is so huge right now that I don’t see Christian leaving. Looking at it in the opposite direction: It would be like Jim Brady leaving the Booth Brothers to join Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.

      • Too bad!
        Christian belongs in a quartet.
        As far as Mercy’s Mark alumni, is Chris West singing?

      • Well, he is singing in a male quartet – it’s just not all-Gospel.

      • Last I knew, he ran sound for, and filled in with Gold City. Befor that, he sang with Mark Blackwood.

      • Daniel, I hate to disagree because I really respect you, but comparing Legacy 5 to Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver? And subjugating them to the Booth Brothers? L5 is, in my opinion, one of the two top quartets in Southern Gospel Music. And the bass job for them is one of the top jobs in the industry for a bass singer. If I were making a comparison I would say it was closer to leaving the Gaither Vocal Band for the Cathedrals. I feel that strongly about L5. But Christian will never be able to be fully recognized for his vocal talents as long as he remains with Dailey and Vincent. He needs to join a full time Southern Gospel Quartet and the L5 job is one of the more high profile ones out there. It would be a tremendous career move for him. But judging by the L5 e-mail update you referred to, Stacy would seem to be a front-runner. So we’ll just have to wait and see. Scott Fowler having served so long with the best bass singer of all time, George Younce, insures that he will choose someone of both high Christian integrity/character and someone of excellent vocal quality. One other question…..with the implication being that Glenn was coming off the road immediately, do you know who is filling the bass spot right now on an interim basis? Thanks…

      • I am guessing that you actually did not understand my point. I was making the comparison of an essentially lateral move between, on the one hand, the single group acknowledged to be the most popular in its genre (Booth Brothers / Dailey & Vincent) to a group that’s acknowledged to be top 5 (Legacy Five in SG / Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver in Bluegrass Gospel). I think that it is an entirely fair comparison. πŸ™‚

  32. I think Gene is too far down the track to be subordiante to anyone but Gaither…if he wanted he should start his own quartet…Gene is great though, certainly in my top 5. Again, I think they need to find someone in their age group of the 40’s…young enough to have longevity and old enough to have reached a consistent level every night…I think it would be neat if they went out and found someone that none of us know about, just like they did with Glenn!

  33. Mike Allen is now singing with Palmetto State. He would be a good addition.

  34. I believe Paul Harkey of the Anchormen would make a great fit vocally, and personality wise.

    • I see Harkey as more of a fit for EHSS. πŸ˜‰

  35. I wish Glenn would reconsider. I hope that his decision was made in haste, and that whatever the issues are, be it health or family, can be worked out. When I listen to the CD’s with Glenn in L5 or Jubilee 3, I cannot believe he is no longer going to be singing.

  36. Interestibng about Randy Byrd’s desire to sing. I thought his leaving the Blackwood Bros. was his idea, but if is wishing to continue singing, it makes be wonder.

    • Randy is an honorable man, so I am confident that nothing under-handed was involved. Sometimes someone just knows that their run with a specific group has come to an end.

      Besides, the Cathedrals got him hooked on Southern Gospel, and George Younce is his bass-singing hero. For someone like that, how could you pass up the opportunity to join one of the leading Cathedrals alumnus’s groups?!

  37. It’s too bad that Royce Mitchell with Liberty is not available. He is one of the most underated basses in Southern Gospel. I believe he was a understudy of George Younce also. There is a guy out of Louisiana that is related to one of the guys in Liberty that sings bass. I can’t remember his name, but I remember him having an awesom voice. I believe he is related to the baritone of LIberty

    • Roy Cragun, Jordan’s father?

      • Its either Ray or Roy. have you heard him? He has a wonderful voice, in my opinion, one of the best. I’m not sure if he is available or not.

      • He’s commented on this site before as Ray Cragun. Also, he’s a pastor now.

  38. This was such a shock to see Glenn go! I will say, though, that his leaving was very sudden. Gus Gasches had established in his blog that L5 had put a hold on anyone leaving seeing as 2 years in a row, someone from the group had left (Frank Seamans in ’10 and Tim Parton in ’11). BUT, that being said, nothing takes God by surprise, so I know that He has a plan in all of this. Personally, I would love to see Randy Byrd with L5 (or Caleb Garms. πŸ˜‰ ), but again, God will work it out. Continual prayers for the rest of L5. I know that they are taking it kind of hard right now! I would to if I were in their shoes. πŸ™

  39. Any reports from anyone who has seen Legacy 5 since Glenn’s departure? Who is filling in? What are they saying? It has been 10 days now surely they have had a concert or two….

    • Bond broker, I saw a picture on Facebook of L5. Stacy Bragg was singing with them at the time, that was yesterday. The person posting the pic seemed to think he was just filling in. Though he would be a pretty good fit, as he is very good friends with Scott Fowler and with Gus. He is also a fairly capable bass singer.

  40. Randy Byrd could fill the bass position well anywhere…as far as singing goes, not real low…but pleasant. I still contend they go with someone in their 40’s…

    • With the Blackwood Brothers, he would sing down to the lowest A-flat on the piano each night; that, I believe, is low enough for every L5 arrangement except “The Right Side of the Dirt,” which required an F-sharp one full step lower. However, I haven’t heard of L5 staging that song in years – and I also don’t know if Glenn would do that low of a note every single night, or if it was a once-in-a-while thing.

      • Speaking of that F#, Tim Riley hit it on “What A Glad Day” on CD, but didn’t try that gliss on the Dove Awards at least. I WAS disappointed, but better to have it on CD to enjoy than not at all I suppose. πŸ™‚

      • I believe Glenn hit that note on the Monuments project as well. The I believe was “Raised To Walk”. You are right Daniel Glenn couldn’t hit that note every night. Randy’s range is just fine for what L5 and most other SG quartets need on a given night and on any CD’s. His solo work is where he really shines IMO, and he is just as good if not better than Glenn in that regard.

  41. Did Stacy Bragg sing with anyone else?

    • He sang with the Mike Lefevre Quartet for a few years. He was in that same group with Gus and Trey at one point.

  42. This is probably the best example of Stacy’s solo voice.

  43. I heard Legacy 5 last Thursday, July 27. They had Scott Howard doing bass and Trey Ivey baritone on some songs and no bass on others. Not the same. They spoke of Glenn leaving lightly but didn’t explain why. Just repeated his letter. The show was entertaining but not as good as when Glenn was there. I came with an open mind, but left disappointed.

    • Don’t get too concerned. I’m sure that’s a temporary arrangement / a way of coping and putting a program together until they find a permanent bass singer.

      • Yes Daniel you are correct that is in fact a temporary arrangement for sure. L5 is still in the “searching” process. I don’t believe they have auditioned anyone yet, but will be doing so soon. From what I’ve heard they have had quite a bit of interest in the position as you can imagine. It has to be hard for a group manager to hire what he feels is the right fit for any given group. Its different from hiring someone to work in a place of business. In this case you are hiring someone that you basically will be living with for three to five days a week… I am still praying that Scott finds just the right fit for L5, I personally don’t believe he has made a bad hire yet.

  44. Kinda sad to see one of Glenn leave, but I’m anxious to see who the new bass is gonna be. It could make a big difference on the future of the group who is their new bass singer…

  45. Rick Fair filled in with L5 the weekend of 8/10 and did a great job! Rick formerly sang bass for Palmetto State, Southern Sound, and Hovie Lister & the Statesmen. IMO one of the most versatile singers in the business.

  46. for me Glenn Dustin was one of the best if not best bass singers overall . [edit] EVERYTHING ABOUT Glenn Dustin .that I could see was great

  47. I am just heart-broken…I have always loved Glenn Dustin – even before he ever started singing with L5. He is my hometown guy. L5 will never be the same without him. Hope that he will continue to let us hear that beautiful deep bass voice giving praise to God – I sure want to know if/when he returns to singing. I’m thinking maybe Gaither Vocal Band would be a good fit for him. They have 2 tenors, why not 2 basses?

    I love Glenn Dustin’s voice, attitude, “spirit”….pray that God will “make a way” for him to use his talents.

  48. Wow, Glen, what happened? Can you tell your fans? Don’t you know we love you through it all? We’re all stuck together, together.

    We’re from Southwinds Baptist Church in Tomball, TX (we don’t attend there any more, but go to a younger bigger church in Fairfield, TX. ) …we used to follow you all around . . . you liked my shiney red truck with the bling bling tires, rememer? I don’t have that anymore, I graduated to a white 2013 Turbo VW Beetle that Dan got me for my MBA graduation! Write and let us know what in the world happend . . . there will never be another Glen Dustin!

  49. As I am writing this, Glen, I am listening to the Jubilee cd’s so I have you in my home, to always listen to…I wonder if anyone can tell me what Glen is doing now???? It has been several months now, and I love to know he is ok, and doing ok…. Glen , can you tell us what you are doing now.????? We will miss you at Hartville Kitchen…. prayers are with you….

    • Sorry, I don’t know what he’s doing. Perhaps some other readers will know more.

    • Leanna, last I heard, someone of Facebook had mentioned that his job was “driving.” I’m going to make the assumption that that particular person meant big rig driving, but I can’t be 100% sure.

    • Glenn put up a status a while back on Facebook saying that he was driving buses for various artists. Direct quote, from January 29:

      “For those out there that don’t know… I drive a tour bus. I drive for various artist. Sometimes I am gone on lengthy tours. Sometimes I am only gone for a few days. If you have any questions about who I might be driving, just message me.”

    • He drives for Hemphill Brothers Coach Company

  50. That’s wild. A voice like Glenn Dustin and he choose to drive a bus??? Good luck! I hope he chooses to return to singing

    I love to listen to him sing.


  51. I’d just like to say to Glenn Dustin, if he’s reading these posts, that he is loved and extremely missed by this fan in particular and the entire Southern Gospel fan base in general and it has been and shall continue to be my prayer that we see you back with a quartet, singing bass, much sooner rather than later. You sir are a man to be admired and respected and one who we have and can point young Christian men too in terms of showing them an example of a humble man using great God given talent to make a difference for Christ. Even if you don’t return to the road, at least set up a website for your fans and make a solo project so we can continue to enjoy you. I think a solo project of yours would be a lot like George Younce’s solo projects after the Cathedrals retired….great vocals and great songs. PLEASE, at least do that for us…don’t just drift out of our lives after so many years. You were Roger and Scott’s great gift to all of us who wondered “How are they going to replace George’s sound on that part?” And the Lord sent them you. So don’t just stop singing altogether. Roger wouldn’t want that….and we certainly don’t either! God Bess You Brother Glenn!!!!

    • HEY CUZ, I hope all is well with you and your family. GLENN the GOD of past victories will be the GOD of your future victories if you will allow him to .

      WE love and miss you