Sony’s Thoughts: Dining with the King

One of my favorite songs right now is Legacy Five’s “Living in the Palace.” It paints a beautiful picture of people who were looked at by the world as outcasts and misfits but God loved them and drew them to Himself. Now they’re living in the Palace and dining with the King.

I think of Mephibosheth who may have been an heir to the throne of Israel if his grandfather hadn’t rebelled against God. After his father and grandfather were killed, Mephibosheth’s nurse tripped while carrying him to safety which is what caused his lameness. I don’t know how many years passed before David was told that Jonathan’s son was still alive but I’m sure Mephibosheth must have felt alone and useless at times during those years. When David heard of him, however, he invited him to the palace and told him he would be eating all of his meals at the king’s table from now on (2 Samuel 9:7). What a change that must have been for him at a time when cripples were outcasts.

So many of us were once like Mephibosheth. Maybe we weren’t lame physically but we were cast out, forgotten, looked down on by those around us … until the day the King came by, saw our pitiful state, had compassion on us, and said, “Follow me. You don’t have to be alone. I love you and I will care for you. And, when I finish the mansion I’m preparing for you, you can join me in my Home and dine at my table for ever.” I don’t know about you but gratitude wells up in my heart at the thought that a King would love me so much. I look forward to the day when I’m “Living in the Palace, dining with the King, joining the angels as they sing, ‘Holy is our God.'”

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  1. Living in the Palace,dining with the King. Now that will be glory. I am looking forward to this day when parting will be no more.