NQC Announces Final Nominees for NQC Music Awards

The National Quartet Convention has announced the final list of nominees for the NQC Music Awards. Here’s a breakdown by artist:

  • Triumphant – 7
  • Greater Vision – 7
  • Booth Brothers – 6
  • Gaither Vocal Band – 6
  • Collingsworth Family – 6
  • Perrys – 5
  • Kingdom Heirs – 4
  • Hoppers – 3
  • Two each: Brian Free & Assurance, Legacy Five, Talleys, Karen Peck & New River, Mark Trammell Quartet, Jason Crabb, Isaacs
  • One each: Canton Junction, Gold City, Whisnants, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Mark Bishop, TaRanda Greene, Ivan Parker, Guy Penrod, Gordon Mote

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  1. Sad that Pat Barker didn’t get the votes to make the top 5!

    • He’s definitely top 5 quality!

  2. Wasn’t there a category for Horizon Group of the Year, or something like that???

  3. It’s amazing how EHSS seems to get blackballed in these things, other than one mention of Ernie Haase. Doug Anderson is one of the best vocalists in SG, and is a far better vocalist than Lowry. Here We Are Again also deserved to be nominated. It took Tim Duncan to leave the group before he was nominated too.

    It’s no wonder that they seem to stray from SG a bit when they don’t get the respect they deserve inside the industry. I don’t blame them one bit.

    • Umm, these are not honors determined by the industry. These are fan-voted awards. The reason they don’t have more top-5 nominations is because fans thought other singers were more worthy of the honors and chose to vote for them instead.

      So it wouldn’t be accurate to blame the industry for this one. I guess one could always blame the fans for not liking them as much as one thinks they ought to! 🙂

      • Sorry, I guess I wasn’t making myself clear on that one. I wasn’t blaming the industry. When I said inside the industry, I was referring more to the fans than the other artists and industry workers.

        And I’m not sure fans necessarily thought others deserved it more, they just picked who their favorites were. Nothing wrong with that, but I just wish EHSS would get more respect.

      • Thanks for the explanation! I just didn’t want people thinking that people inside the industry were blocking EHSS out from nominations. 🙂

      • While other groups get the awards nominations, EHSS will take the much larger CD and concert revenue. 🙂

      • Seriously, though…EHSS gets plenty of respect. Just maybe their fan base is a little different from those that vote for these awards. For example, this voting is done by those on NQC’s mailing list. EHSS won’t even be at NQC this year.

      • True Brian. Ask about their flat. I have no idea if they’re getting what they were a few years ago, but if get their flat paid, then they get plenty of love.

  4. EH&SS is good…perhaps great, but they have hit the ceiling….there are now to the point of great concerts and new albums….
    The silliness fad has passed (Chuck Taylors with suits)….they have the opportunity to tighten up and become a classy group…Ernie wan’t be doing all the flashy/showmanship for ever….
    Losing Tim Duncan was bigger for them than I think they realized…
    Great group…but the next 5 years are critical

  5. I would love to see Tim Riley win bass, I am admitedly a bit bias….I ahve always thought he was a pure bass and was the most consistent…night after night after night….
    I would also be happy for Jeff Chapman to win it though, a young Riley!

  6. How many artists can you vote for?