Saturday News Roundup #131

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  • Inspirations bass player Myron Cook and his wife Jennifer welcomed their fourth child, daughter Abigail (Abby) Elizabeth Cook, on July 17th. She joins brothers Caleb and Josiah and sister Hannah Grace.
  • Canton Junction’s self-titled debut will be available in September.

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  1. Well I’m surprised Legacy Five hasn’t hired a bass singer yet. Any word on that?

    • I’m not really surprised. Groups often take a month or six weeks to listen to all the demos, audition anywhere from 3-50 finalists (I heard of a top-tier group that recently auditioned around 50 finalists for an opening), and sometimes even take two or three of the top contenders out for a weekend each.

      • I hope they take whatever time they need to find the right person.

        Finding a Bass singer is easy, but finding a good Bass singer with the proper chemistry is altogether different. Glenn cannot be replaced, but looking forward to his successor.

    • What’s the rush? Hiring a new guy is a really big deal. You’re only on stage with them for a couple of hours each night, but you have to live with them, the other twenty-two hours.

  2. Just got the Live C-D of the Dove Brothers and Dove Brothers Band in the mail this week. I love it. Best live C-D I’ve purchased in years. In the last few years live albums are nothing more than studio albums with applause. I’m sure they fixed a few things and there were a couple things I thought could’ve been better, but overall a great C-D. Keep it coming Dove Brothers. You are on the right track. People are starved for the kind of thing you guys are doing.

  3. We saw the post earlier this week about the NQC awards. Did anyone else do the math?

    It looks like the Songwriter Award might go to a lady!?!?

    We are in Boundless…suspense!

  4. While this is the NQC Awards’ first year in existence, Ms. Dianne had won the Singing News version before.

    • No, she hasn’t. She has won song of the year on multiple occasions, but the Songwriter of the Year award has invariably gone to a performing writer who is a man: Squire Parsons (1986 and 1992-95), Kirk Talley (1987, 1996-97), Ronny Hinson (1988-91), Phil Cross (1998), Rodney Griffin (1999-today).

  5. Some simple clarification is needed about praise and worship music in the churches today.
    It is common to see P&W music being profiled with words like pentecostal and charmastics by some commentators outside this blog in the blogging world.

    The singing of choruses from the hymns of the church has been around for the ages.
    Focusing on music, not the deeper life theology, many mainline churches sang hymn choruses before the 1970’s. Churches like Christian Missionary & Alliance, Church of the Nazarene, and Advent Christian Church sang choruses with hymns. Some Baptists do, some had a more traditional setting.
    The pentecostals have sung hymn choruses repetitiously since the early 1900’s. Various aspects of the Church of God, Assemblies of God, United Pentecostal Church and the Foursquare Church fall in this worship as led by the Holy Spirit.
    The charmastics, who were growing frustrated with the established church in the late 60’s, were looking for something more in the spiritual realm. They accepted Jesus. They met in small groups outside the established church. The only knew choruses like “Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him” with no orchestration.

    The antiestablishmentarianism thought process changed everything.
    The 1969 Woodstock festival in upstate New York changed culture of worship.
    Today’s parents and grandparents were, through no fault of their own, influenced by the surroundings and after effects of the late 1960’s.
    Today’s youth are following the lead of their parents.

  6. I have a feeling that Josepg Habedank’s name is destined to win that award in the future.

  7. This is totally irrelevant to anything being said but Joeseph Habedanks song Grace Doesn’t Remember from the Perrys album Blue Skies Coming is one of the most encouraging songs ever. Sometimes we beat ourselves up so long about bad decisions we made or sins we have commited but God has already gotten over it and wants to go live our best for Him from this moment forward.

  8. Does anyone know when the Lari Goss thing will air on TBN and anything about the Nelons making a new concept video?