Saturday News Roundup #132

Worth Knowing

  • Via this concert promotional poster, it appears that Beyond the Ashes’ new lead singer is Dustin Doyle.
  • Ivan Parker recently recorded vocals for a hymns project. He conducted a contest with fans of his Facebook page to name the project; the winning name was Timeless Treasures.

Worth Reading

  • John S. offers his take on the “What does Southern Gospel need to survive?” question we discussed here last week.

Worth Watching

SGConcerts’ Diana Brantley recently caught Union Street in concert. Here is a highlight:

She also posted a concert review, [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed] and videos of three other songs—After a While, Boundless Love, and The Love of God.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I saw on MTQ Facebook that they are debuting a new project called “Lifetime” at the Brumley Sing. Do you know if this one is the one with Nick? I thought the new cd was coming out at NQC?

  2. For some reason, my mobile device isn’t letting me type out my full response on John’s blog.

    One thing I would caution against with that post is that there’s no implying that other groups don’t work hard. Other than that, I agree with his take.

    I’m guessing there are some groups whose only times singing together are for brief sound checks, concert times, and in studio. A group like EHSS, since they were mentioned, practices more. Since they added the live band, most of their older songs have been switched over to live music. And they don’t always keep the same arrangement either, take the ending of Until We Fly Away for example. That takes time. Time the guys have dedicated to improving their craft.

    I actually look at some of the more successful groups of today, and three of the biggest groups directly learned from George and Glen, how they dedicated themselves every day. That inside scoop they got gives them almost a leg up on other groups in the industry when it comes to knowing how to be successful on the road both as a career and as a ministry.

    • Josh, this is John…I’m sorry you weren’t able to post your response to my blog there(maybe WordPress is the way to go, eh, Daniel?).

      My comments about groups working hard and doing their best was not meant to imply in any way that there are groups out there who don’t do that…it was more directed toward finding out where one’s own talents lay, and utilixing them to the best of one’s ability.

      It just seems to me that particularly in recent years, some groups are more intent on just sounding like their favourites, or recreating what has been done well in the past…that will only get one so far. (If not, we’d be more overrun with Elvis impersonators than we are already! lol) The two artists I had in mind when writing that post were (1)the Statesmen, who practiced night and day, in the car(or later bus), in the hotels, and anywhere they could to develop their own talents to the extent they did. In the process, they were able to create the style they made so legendary in time.

      And(2)the Couriers, who had almost zero singing experience when they were first formed. They figured out first what they wanted to do, how to do it, then practiced and learned from much trial and error until they finally did it! And what they did was become one of the most legendary and influential groups in the genre(even though they really didn’t seek to become a part of any genre).

      In other words, my point was figure out what you want to do, do your best to achieve it with what God gave you, and don’t even be concerned with how many units you sell, or how much radio airplay you get, or how many awards you win, etc.

      Your other points are also well taken. Thanks for posting your response here so I could see it.

      • Yes, maybe! Though I will say that now that WordPress only allows / Facebook / Twitter logins for commenting, I prefer the self-hosted sites, which is what I do here! 🙂

  3. Logan Pettis has posted a Dixie Echoes video:

    Any clue if these guys are official, or just fill-ins?

    • The bass singer and piano player are official. The tenor is a fill-in, unless something has changed.

      The bass singer is really young; a college graduate of 2011.

      • Who is the pianist?

      • His name is Ben Hart. He used to be with Master’s Voice.

    • People really DO look at my youtube page 😀

      • Everyone be sure to check out MY videos as well…I need work lol. Okay Daniel, plug over 😀

  4. So, it looks like Bruce Taliafero (sp?) is at it again. I always did enjoy him with Gold City.

  5. I hear Taranda Greene in that video of of the Union Street Quartet. It seems like they are using the Greenes soundtrack (actually I know they are) It also seems to have the Greene’s stacks in it.

  6. We were able to have Lifetime at the Brumley Gospel sing. Daywind really stepped up and had enough made for us to take what we needed to Brumley. We will also have them at our 10th annual Homecoming this week. Do not miss it if you can help it. All the info is on our web page.

  7. Bruce is with the Dexie Echoes?
    JUST KINSDDING! That’s be like Guy Penrod with the Inspirations.
    Being serious now, is Bruce solo, or with a group?

    • Comment

      • It would pay if I typed slower, and looked at what I wrote before posting it!
        Meant to say “Dixie Echoes”, and “KIDDING”
        The other thing was a mistake. Sorry about that!

    • No. Who said he was?

      He’s singing solo. Was at the Union Street concert that the video was taken at.

        I was joking with that.
        I didn’t watch the Union Street video yet, and saw that Bruce was mentioned in the comments. I had opened the D.E. video, but hadn’t watched the whole thing. Knew he wasn’t in the Echo’s new lineup, though.

      • Just checking…