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  1. This comes from the Season 6 Episode 9 showing of “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel. They also have an episode that explains how CD’s are made, as well as various instruments. It’s a really cool show to watch, and if you have Netflix, it is available to stream. I highly recommend it!

    • Cool! I don’t have Neflix, but I’m sure those would also be fascinating.

      I think the most interesting part of the whole thing was watching the second or two of the LP actually getting pressed – starting off as a round black blob and getting pressed flat.

      • Modern Marvels is also an excellent show. I watch them both often.

  2. Enjoyed that Daniel. Thanks for posting!

  3. This IS absolutely fascinating….thank you. Even after watching, my brain truly cannot comprehend how such beautiful sound can be embedded on such physical material, but I sure am thankful that others whom God created figured it out!!

    • You’re welcome! I can understand this a little easier than how I could buy a device that could fit 20,000 songs but fits in my pocket!

  4. Yeah it is something else. As it is kind of like an Ipod or whatever! These little records are cute.

  5. That would have been interesting 60 years ago.

    • I’m sure it would have been. And, at least to people who still have an appreciation for the history of our genre, in which a high percentage of our all-time greatest releases were issued in this format, it’s still interesting today. 🙂