Blackwood Gospel Quartet staying on the road

Mark Blackwood of the Blackwood Gospel Quartet posted a comment clarifying his intentions as to the future of his group:

I normally do not post on these blogs and message boards. However, in respect for Deon Unthank and our friendship I will comment on this issue. I will be sending a press release to SoGospelNews as well.

There has been a lot of confusion about what happened with Ron and I and what was said in the SoGospelNews article. What transpired was a meeting between the two of us where we came up with what we thought was a good idea. The result was Ron and I working together, changing some personnel and changing the name of my group. What looked really good at the outset started looking a little shaky and between the time I talked with Deon and the time the article had been published, we changed our minds about our plans. The article was correct at the time it was made, but in the interim, the situation changed causing a lot of confusion.

My relationship with the Unthanks is strong. We talk on the phone once or twice a week. My relationship with my cousin Ron is still very solid. What looked like a good idea got changed in mid-stream and caused a lot of confusion. I am look forward to continuing working for the Lord with the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. We will be honoring all present and future dates.

I am more thrilled and excited with our current group than I have ever been. Brad Smith, David Mann and Dustin Bearden are all three extraordinary singers. We just had our photo shoot Wednesday and will be updating the website shortly.

Check back with and for further updates.

Cecil Mark Blackwood

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  1. Thanks Mark. I appreciate the update. Good luck with the group!

  2. Thanks for the clarification! I wonder if the “Florida Boys” are replacing Dustin?

  3. If they are staying on the road, I assume they would be.

  4. I thought Florida Boys had a “gig” at a theater or something.

  5. The theater closed.

  6. That’s my point.

  7. *weep,weep*

    Nobody likes me.

  8. It’s nothing against you—it’s just that I aim to keep the discussion on this website positive or at a minimum constructive.