Saturday News Roundup #26 and open thread

In the news:

  • The Southern Styles radio show is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a special week-long series of broadcasts from Oct. 15-21.
  • David Bruce Murray has a fascinating post on whether it’s legal to purchase a promo CD. [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]

Upcoming Reviews:

  • October 21: Live From the Alabama Theatre (Kingsmen)
  • October 24: DVD – Your Ticket to Music Hall (Collingsworth Family)
  • October 28: Heaven’s Headlines (Keetons)
  • October 31: DVD – Personal (Kim Collingsworth)
  • November 4: Until Now (Gerald Wolfe) (and yes, that’s Election Day)
  • November 7: Reminiscing (Chuck Wagon Gang)
  • November 7: DVD – Live in Concert Kings Mountain, NC (Chuck Wagon Gang)
  • November 11: A New Day (The Browns)
  • November 14: DVD – Caribbean Live (Tribute Quartet)
  • November 21: DVD – Hymn Sing 1 and 2 (Liberty Quartet)
  • November 28: DVD – Live (Mike LeFevre Quartet)
  • December 5: A Classic Canaan Christmas (Various Artists)
  • December 12: December (Mercy’s Well)
  • December 19: Destination Heaven (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • December 26: Ain’t Nobody (Soul’d Out Quartet)
  • January 2: Easier to Live (Voices Won)

And consider the comments section an open thread.

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