3:1 CD Review: Wonderful Words of Life (Mylon Hayes Family)

Wonderful Words of Life - Mylon Hayes Family3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: The Voice of Truth: The song, written by Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman, works so well in a Southern Gospel setting that it would be easy to assume it was original to the Hayes Family. It is actually a Casting Crowns remake, but works well in this setting.

2: The Finished Tapestry: Wendy Hayes’ alto voice is an excellent fit for this song, written by Rebecca Peck. It’s stylistically reminiscent of the Whisnants.

3: God Makes No Mistakes: The day of the funeral of Mylon’s father, Howard Hayes, Mylon’s 8-year-old daughter Kennedy walked up to him and started singing “God Makes No Mistakes.” The impact of the lyric at such an emotional time made the song an obvious choice for the album. When the Inspirations originally recorded it, they featured Mike Holcomb—one of the lowest bass singers in the world—on the first verse. Kennedy’s little-girl-soprano voice couldn’t be any more different, but it fits the song surprisingly well.

:1? Vocals: We already knew Mylon was a solid vocalist from his work with his family, the Hayes Family. Wendy is a solid alto. The three children’s voices are still young; both boys’ voices have changed out of the treble range, but haven’t yet reached full adult depth. However, it’s no accident that Mylon is an in-demand studio vocalist and a go-to specialist for vocal post-processing in Southern Gospel studio circles. Between the Hayes Family genes and having a vocal expert like Mylon at the helm, the children already show signs of growing into top-tier Southern Gospel vocalists.

Traditional or Progressive: Traditional to middle-of-the-road.

Album rating: 4 stars. Average song rating: 3.9 stars.

Credits: Group: Mylon Hayes (baritone), Wendy Hayes (alto), Connor Hayes, Bailey Hayes, Kennedy Hayes (soprano). Produced by Mylon Hayes. Arranged by Mylon Hayes and Sharon Hayes Hodges. Tracks recorded at Crowning Touch Studio, Stanley, NC. Engineers: James Rogers, Paul Rogers. Vocals recorded at Rushing Wind Studio, Dallas, NC, and engineered by Gary Rushing. Additional post production by Mylon Hayes. Mixed at Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC, by Scott Barnett. Musicians: Danny Crawford (piano, keyboards); David Johnson (Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Fiddle); Mylon Hayes (Bass Guitar); Tony Creasman (Drums, Percussion); Milton Smith (orchestration on “Forever Written Down”).

Song List: Bigger Than any Mountain; How Great It Is; He is God; Forever Written Down; The Voice of Truth; Wonderful Words of Life; God Makes No Mistakes; The Finished Tapestry; I Want To Be More Like Jesus (with shaped notes); Little is Much When God is In It.

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  1. Haven’t heard this album yet, but I do know that all of the Hayes Family compiled one of the greatest singing family groups of our time. Sweet harmonies, great convention style singing, and a beautiful spirit that few groups of any kind have easily duplicated. I’m sure that continues with these children and this album.

    • Well, the voices are (mostly) younger, but the talent level is there, and the sweet spirit is there!

  2. This CD is phenomenal top to bottom..Mylon has trained his children to hear parts, sight read, read shape notes, and be beyond-their-age instrumentalists. These fine people will be around for years to come, I believe setting a high standard for music in this genre.

  3. I have this CD and have really injoyed it! The blend between this family is great and every track is sung with sincerity. I’m sure when the kids grow up they’ll turn into one of the strongest vocal groups in America.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest, and we’ll all be able to say, “We knew you when!” 🙂

  4. The Mylon Hayes family gets the whole five stars from me. For mission accomplished and pure motives and beyond decent vocal abilities, they deserve the top billing. I realize the children are young. However, we are judging these young singers by our adult measures and yet still they solidly hit the bell. To me this says they are already pros! I love the album.

    • James – I’m really glad that you love the album. 🙂