3:1 CD Review: Worn Around the Edges (Christian Davis)

Worn Around the Edges - Christian Davis3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Every Scar: This song is becoming increasingly familiar to Southern Gospel audiences. Darin & Brooke Aldridge and The Talleys have both recorded versions within the last two years; though the Aldridges are primarily known in Bluegrass, their rendition was sent to Southern Gospel radio and appeared on the Singing News charts.

Even if this is the third rendition that attentive listeners hear, the song is far from having worn out its welcome. The Aldridges’ original rendition was mellow, acoustic bluegrass; The Talleys’ rendition straight-ahead Southern Gospel. Christian Davis’ rendition is county, bearing resemblances to several Southern Gospel bass singers’ renditions of “Long Black Train.”

2: Raise Him Up: Much like “Every Scar,” this story-song starts in a place that you wouldn’t exactly expect would lend itself to a Gospel message—the challenges of raising step-children! The pivot to the Gospel comes at an unexpected juncture and packs a powerful impact.

3: Hittin’ the Road: This ode to the road is an introspective, autobiographical look at why a Christian singer makes the sacrifices necessary to tour the world and spread the Gospel through the song.

:1: Lyrical focus: Practically every song has at least a passing reference to the Christian faith. Viewing the project from a Southern Gospel perspective, it would have been nice to see faith-based lyrics more consistently. However, since Davis currently tours with Bluegrass mega-group Dailey & Vincent, the album is probably more accessible to their secular audience.

Traditional or Progressive: Progressive Southern Gospel / acoustic country / modern country.

Credits: Produced by Chris Latham, Jeff King, Jimmy Layne, and Jennifer Layne. Overdubs produced by Christian Davis and Kellan Monroe. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Latham. “I Need Thee Every Hour” produced, arranged, and engineered by Kellan Monroe. Musicians: Mike Rojas (piano, keyboards, Hammond B3), Kellan Monroe (piano), Jeff King (acoustic guitar, electric guitar), Jesse Baker (acoustic guitar), BJ Cherryholmes (mandolin, fiddle, archtop guitar), Zane King (steel guitar), Chris Latham (bass guitar, fiddle), Darrin Vincent (upright bass), Josh Swift (dobro), Steve Brewster (percussion), Sam Fisher (percussion), Molly Cherryholmes (cello). Background vocalists: Jeremy Layne, Jennifer Layne, Adam Elrod, Kellan Monroe, Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent, Christian Davis. Tracks recorded at EMI Nashville. Vocals recorded at Studio Gorilla, Davis’ Place Studios, Holiday Inn Express, EMI Nashville. Overdubs recorded at Davis’ Place Studios.

Song List: Just Show Up; That’s A Lot of Prayin’; Sixteen Tons (guest vocalists: Dailey & Vincent); When I’m Good and Gone; He Can’t Stop Loving You; Every Scar; Fit For a King; Raise Him Up; If I Had My Way; Pray For the Fish; Smallest House in Heaven; Hittin’ the Road; I Need Thee Every Hour.

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  1. great review, Daniel! I had the privilege to work on this project and I think it turned out exceptionally well! Christian is a wonderful vocalist with an incredible range. This is a great record all around!

  2. I “Raise Him Up” the Randy Travis song?

    • I don’t have the foggiest idea. 🙂

  3. Is it the same song, I mean…..

    • Yes it is the same song that Randy Travis recorded several years ago. Christian does a great job on it. In fact, he does a great job on this entire CD!

  4. I had never heard Christian Davis sing until I attended a concert with Dailey and Vincent and Jimmy Fortune in Logan, West Virginia. I bought his CD and needless to say I fell in love with his voice and I have just about worn the CD out. I think he is the best bass singer I have ever heard. I can’t wait to see him perform again.