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  1. Boy, this makes me want more from David Phelps. What a voice! I wish he had stayed in SG! Who did the video and which concert was it?

  2. Man what a VOICE, he is just incredible, I really, really wish he would come back to SG.

  3. I got cold chills when they sang the first line of the chorus. Wow!

  4. Wow, you can hear Guy in the stacks pretty strong.

  5. David Phelps is a tremendous singer. I did think it was odd that they had Wes drop down at all. There was already so much talk when comparing Hampton to Phelps. Wes is a great singer, and brings a different style to GVB.

    At the same time, however. I think putting David Phelps on tenor puts Wes in second place. Just my two cents.

  6. Maybe it was Wes’s call?

    Just a suggestion.

  7. It was pretty simple this weekend. Phelps was tenor on the songs he used to sing with the GVB, like Alpha and Omega. And he was lead on current GVB songs in which Wes was the tenor, like Journey to the Sky and Place At The Table. Phelps even sang baritone on Jesus and John Wayne. They were tight and sounded great. Phelps was prepared and seemed to really enjoy being there. A great show by all the Homecoming artists!


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