Rumor about XM’s Cancellation: False

A rumor is circulating that Marlin Taylor has left XM radio, and that XM radio is dropping enLighten, its Southern Gospel channel. Marlin emailed me to set the facts straight:


It appears that reports have circulated that I am no longer with XM Radio … and that possibly enLighten will be dropped.

I want everyone to know that this is not true – I am still with XM and very much in charge of enLighten … and, due to the vast number of XM subscribers who indicate they listen to little, if anything, else … management is not even thinking of dropping the channel.

I’ll have more information down the road.

My best,


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  1. Thank Gid! That’s the only channel I listen to! Plus it’s the only place I can listen to NQC live for free.

  2. Glad to know it’s not true. It’s great to have southern gospel available 24 hours a day no matter where I am. Marlin has done a great job with Enlighten and it’s definitely worth the subscription price for a gospel music fan.

  3. Do you know if there are any plans since the XM-Sirius merger for Sirius owners to be able to access the Southern Gospel station?

  4. Chris – last I heard, I wasn’t aware of any plans. But I’m not close enough to the situation to know for sure.

  5. Thanks … I thought maybe you had an inside source. I appreciate your blog, I’ve been reading for some time, just never posted.

  6. Thanks for reading, and for deciding to post!

    I occasionally trade emails with Marlin Taylor, but have not asked him any time recently.

    Are you a Sirius subscriber? Have you contacted them to request enLighten?

  7. I think as far as the Sirius-XM merger goes, there are merger packages available for an extra fee. At least that’s what I understand, anyway.

    I think if you were already a Sirius subscriber, then you can purchase certain XM channels, and vice-versa. They may even have a mix and match package. Right now the only SG available to SIRIUS subscribers is on the Roadhouse on Sunday mornings. And it’s all Gaither stuff. We’re in dire need of some more choices!

    I certainly hope that they will eventually merge all the channels making it possible to purchase one big package. I’m SIRIUS-ly ready to be able to listen to SG while riding down the road!

  8. I have five radios in my house and one ($650.00) in my car. They have been tuned to “Enlighten 34” 24/7 for two years and the knobs removed. I don’t even turn them off when I leave town. My TV is on only when a hurricane is approaching and that has happened only twice this year (thank God). Waking in the middle of the night and hearing the glorious strains of southern gospel music seems like what heavenly music would be. I forget there are other channels available. It don’t matter… there’s nothing else to listen to anyway. I don’t know what I’d do if Enlighten were to go off the air. I guess I’d have to start buying a lot more CD’s. Enlighten 34 is JUST RIGHT. Solid southern gospel fan in Charleston, South Carolina.