Video: Brandon Barry with Stamps

Recently, former Old Paths Quartet bass singer Brandon Barry has been filling in with Ed Enoch’s Stamps Quartet. I came across this video, and since today seems to be a slow news day so far, I thought this was worth mention:

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  1. Who is that singing tenor with them? Looks like Brian Worley….

  2. is brian

  3. Didn’t know he’d joined the Stamps. Is this a regular gig for him, or just a fill in?

  4. It’s permanent. [EDIT]

  5. Brian joined the group about 4 months ago. He still sings occasional dates with his family group but he is the official tenor singer for The Stamps

  6. Is Brandon an official member of the group…I had read somewhere that he was.

  7. Yes, I’m an official member of the Stamps Quartet, as well as Brandon.

  8. Moderator’s note: To a certain poster who may be wondering why a post didn’t appear, yes, I did delete it. This blog is positive wherever possible, constructive at a minimum.

  9. I am trying to get in touch with Brandon Barry. If he could email me at, I am trying to get the background music for a song he use to sing. Thanks, Steven.

  10. Brandon Barry, the new guy.. he sounds just like Butch Owens.

    I thought Ed would sorta move in a different direction when Butch left, but this guy sounds just like him.

    Brian Worley is a good man. God knows they need all the good men they can get..

  11. Steven, I would love to help you out in any way that I can my friend! What particular song were you looking for? Was it the song I wrote ” He’ll see you through”? just let me know!
    Ray- I don’t think I sound anything like Butch Owens. Although I do appreciate the comment because Butch is a great singer. Of course, It’s hard to tell by just a couple clips if you haven’t heard me in person too, I understand. As far as Brian goes, He is a great Godly man and I look up to him…literally! lol All the guys in the group love the Lord, despite the rumors and “assumptions”. They have been nothing but good to me. They have prayed with me and encouraged me in every aspect imaginable. I just got out of the hospital after a week long battle with a seizure and they all called my wife and told her they were praying for us. My wife and I prayed for two weeks about Joining the Stamps Quartet and we both have a peace about it as well as the support of our home church and our family and friends. If I may quote a song from a friend of mine ” The past has past, our sins forgiven. God’s uneding love washed my guilt away…..” Thanks to all and God bless!
    Brandon Barry

  12. Brandon, shoot me an email at

    Teddy Ray Bullard

  13. Just wanted to say that I love the Stamps dearly, and I appreciate what they are doing for the glory and honor of our risen Lord and Savior!

    Brian, Brandon, Terry, and Ed are 4 of the finest men that are out there today, and all are very sincere. (I’m sure that the same could be said for their newest member, James Rainey, as well!) A person would do well to go meet these gentlemen and hear them in person, buy their recordings, and get on the phone with your local radio stations to request their music as well!

    If you are reading this and you are a member of the Stamps, please know that I love and appreciate you, and I know that the good Lord has “great things” in store for you as you go about singing and doing His will! Thank you all for reading this posting and may God bless…