Paul Harkey joins LeFevre Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet announced on the bios page of their website (hat tip, Aaron) that their new bass singer is Paul Harkey:

Paul Harkey grew up in Petersburg, TX. He later went to high school and college in Plainview, TX. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Church Music from Wayland Baptist University in December of 2003. Paul started his full singing career in 2007 with Crystal River and later joined the Anchormen until his call to The LeFevre Quartet. His early influences were Tim Riley, George Younce, and J. D. Sumner. Paul enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding his dirt bike in his free time. He, his wife Jennifer, and his daughter Cameron reside in Randleman, NC.

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  1. Not so sure about this hire by one of my favorite quartets. Although this is clearly a major step up for Paul, I hope he brings a clean cut appearance with him. Maybe some non-western attire would also be appropriate for this classy quartet. I really hope this will be a good fit…

  2. From all my experiences with him, Paul is a great guy and fantastic, young bass singer. Promise had the opportunity to share the stage with the Anchormen in Temple, Texas a couple months back… he impressed me on AND off the stage.

    Ed, I can assure you that there will be no trouble with his appearance. When we performed with them, they all dressed very sharp and classy.

    I’m excited for Paul and anxious to hear what he brings to the mix with LeFevre Quartet.

    • David, thanks for responding! The comment that preceded yours is actually outside of the comment guidelines here, so I’d been meaning to delete at least a portion of it. However, you answered it in such an effective and classy way that I’ll leave it up (along with your response).

      • David, I agree that Paul is a great guy and is certainly an up and coming bass singer. I have met him and found him to be very pleasant. My only point is that what is OK for the Anchormen may not fit the image of the LeFevre Quartet. I wish both Paul and the LeFevres all the best.

        Daniel, I would never knowingly post any comment outside the guidelines of your blog. Please educate me…


      • Ed, thanks, and thank you for the clarification! The comment guidelines are right above the comment area on every post. They state: “Comment Rules: Keep comments positive, constructive, and on topic. Don’t attack or belittle groups or fellow posters. (Move off-topic discussions to our open threads.)”

        Readers might take “I hope he brings a clean cut appearance with him. Maybe some non-western attire would also be appropriate for this classy quartet” as a criticism that his attire with the Anchormen wasn’t appropriate (or that the Anchormen aren’t classy). But thanks for your clarification; I take it you didn’t exactly intend it to be taken that way!

  3. What happened to Brandon Barry?

    • He left the group and, as far as I know, has come off the road for the time being.

  4. sweet! I get to hear them in a few weeks. this should be good.

  5. Paul is one of the few young bass singers that catch my attention. ( Young, as in not being an industry veteran for decades.) This is a good hire for the LeFevre Quartet, should take us back in memory to the sound of the “Midnight Cry era” Gold City.

  6. I”m wondering why all of a sudden all these groups are changing personnel? This is how many in the string of them? I think these groups definitely need prayer. I thought Randy really blended in well with the Blackwood Brothers when they did the “More About Jesus” song. I forget which Gaither video I saw that on. I think Rock of Ages. And I love the song Midnight Cry!. And don’t ask me why my print is doing this, guys. Hope you all are having a good one! Later, Me

    • It seems to me that there are two times in the year we see the most personnel changes: Late December/early January and the weeks leading up to NQC. Honestly, both make sense to me.

  7. Is it right that I’m hearing today that Paul has now gone to join Ernie Haas and signature sound? If so, wow, that’s a quick turnaround…

  8. How can this be true? Heard just today that he has joined Ernie Hass and Signature Sound

  9. Our church had this group recently. They were wonderful. Paul was a great edition to the group,and a very nice young man. Blessings to the group.