GVB and Inspirations

What do the Gaither Vocal Band and the Inspirations have in common?

Right now, last we’ve heard, both have tenor singers filling in for lead singers. (Respectively, David Phelps and Daron Osborne.)

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  1. This was the first that I heard about Matt Dibler not being with the Inspirations.

  2. I’d mentioned it in my NQC coverage: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/1232

  3. Gaither Vocal Band and the Inspirations have a few more things in common.
    Their owners have many things in common:
    1. Marvin Cook & Bill Gaither come from small towns.
    2. They been around for over 40 years or so.
    3. They not not too far from the interstate highway.
    4. They host traditional annual events in their home town each year.
    5. Family & friends are a big part in their personal and business lives.
    6. They know the smell of green grass.
    7 You can get lost in the woods or the fields going to their hometown.
    8. Both been to the Holy Land.
    9. Both like food.
    10. They know how to preserve history.
    11. Best of all, both have swallowed the hymn book and the Bible. That makes God’s music to all our ears

  4. Actually…a young man named David Reagan is currently trying out for the lead role. The Inspirations have him on trial basis evidently until the end of the year, then they will make their decision. This was at Singing In the Smokies. David is fresh out of college and fits the group real well so far. Daron was back helping Archie on the tenor.

  5. Actually, in the clip you posted of the Gaither/Hall/Hampton/Phelps lineup singing “Alpha and Omega,” it was Wes Hampton singing the lead. That was the only song I’ve seen of that lineup, though.

  6. Isn’t David Reagan driving the #6 for Roush Fenway Racing?

  7. Samuel, the NASCAR driver is named Ragan, not Reagan. And I’m not aware that he sings at all, even in the shower.:-)

    What the GVB and Inspirations also have in common are that they are both phenomenally successful, and know what their core audiences want, and give it to them.

  8. I see in the singing news mag that Daron Osborne is listed as the lead singer…online page 7.

  9. That is for the Inspirations.

  10. I doubt anyone expected him to show up singing lead for GVB!

    As I understand, he was filling in on lead.