Dan and Ginger Pitchers leave The Lesters; Lesters to become male trio

The Lesters announced this afternoon that Dan and Ginger Pitchers will be leaving the group. The husband-wife team will be coming off the road because Dan has accepted the senior pastorate of First Baptist Church in Annapolis, Missouri. Ginger, who sang alto, will stay on board until the Lesters can find a replacement.

Brian Lester, a third-generation Lesters member, and his son Jonathan, a fourth-generation Lester, plan to carry on the group as a male trio. This will be the first time in the Lesters’ history that they are not a mixed group. They are presently seeking a third male vocalist, commenting: “This is a huge decision for the family, but one that must be made for the betterment of this music ministry.”

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3 Letters to the Editor

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  1. The Lesters are fine people. I wish the Pitchers well as they assume this important position, and much continued success to Brian, Jonathan and whomever they find to bring on board. Always a class act, Brian Lester has a heart for ministry and I know he will choose a great replacement. I hope he has many more years of carrying on the family tradition with his son!

  2. harvey and opal lester would be proud and happy as they look down from heavens portals as to the avenues of oportunity that the lord has done with teir group since 1927 when they left dry bayue, missouri for st. louis and started what in my opinion is the greates most spiritual and dynamic gospel group today the lesters, brian has nephews that are extremely capable of joing the group as well as sister donna to play keyboards.. this is only the beginning of the chapter for the lesters, I wish dan and ginger the very best I might even move to annapolis, mo to join dans church. God bless brain, jonathan and the over 80 year legacy that will continue to enhance and bless the memory of Harvey, Opal And Herschel and Eilene Lester.

  3. The Lesters are one of the true class acts in the history of gospel music. Brian, Ginger, Dan – once you are their friend you are always their friend. I’m so excited for Dan and Ginger as I know this is the culmination of a process that started several years ago before Dan left the first time in 2004 to serve as associate pastor in St. Louis. I do believe that Dan will be a tremendous pastor and Ginger a first-class pastor’s wife.

    With that said, The Lesters will be losing one of the finest female vocalists to grace the stage in SG music in my opinion. When she left in 2004 they replaced her with her sister Donna so the sound was similar. This time it will be much different, though I’m sure Ginger will still be doing her magic on their songs and recordings. It will be a different sound and a new chapter in this ministry. It would have been hard for another female to step in to Ginger’s position vocally so now the pressure is off of that. I look forward to the future!