Randy Byrd joins The Anchormen

Randy Byrd

Randy Byrd, who spent eight years on the Blackwood Brothers’ bus and left earlier this year, is joining the Anchormen as their new bass singer. This follows last week’s announcement that Anchormen bass Paul Harkey left to join the Mike LeFevre Quartet.

UPDATE (8/20/12, 6:07 A.M.): Aaron Swain has videos of the new Anchormen lineup, including this one of Byrd singing “Happy Rhythm.”

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  1. What happened to the bass singer that joined from Old Paths? It didn’t seem like he was with them very long?

    • To the best of my knowledge, that bass singer is not currently performing with any Southern Gospel group.

      • You’re not talking about Daniel Ashmore leaving, are you? Or is this his predacessor?

      • Correct – Daniel’s predecessor.

  2. We are glad to hear he’s back on the road! Hopefully the Anchormen make it up our way soon!

  3. Wasn’t Randy Byrd’s named linked to the L5 opening? Has L5 filled the Bass spot yet or has someone filled in for them?

    • I was hoping he would get that job! Legacy Five has not announced their next bass singer yet.

    • L5 has hired a bass singer; but it won’t be announced for a few days yet. Randy did audition with them.

  4. Aaron Swain has videos from Byrd with the group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07wPC5DtgRs&feature=em-uploademail

  5. I am anxious to find out who L5 hired…right now I feel they may have missed the boat not hiring Randy Byrd…wow what a talent!

    • I agree completely Paul!! I think that Randy is one of the greatest bass singers out there on the road today! The Anchormen are blessed to have him and Legacy Five, in my opinion, will regret letting him slip away. Thanks for the scoop Daniel!

  6. I have known Randy for many years and i know he puts ministry first. His singing will speak for itself and he is a great singer,but the Anchorman just got a better man than singer

  7. Randy just told me that he has just left the Anchormen.

    • He also just posted on Facebook that he is the new bass singer for the LeFevre Quartet.