Video: Kurt Young with the Cathedrals

Unfortunately, about the only thing Cathedrals fans who remember anything about Kurt Young remember is the infamous Dove Awards performance.

I say “unfortunately,” as Dean Adkins has posted a video on YouTube that shows what the Cathedrals must have heard when they hired him:

Obviously, he was no Danny Funderburk, but neither was Ernie Haase. So while his voice wasn’t a fit for the Cathedrals’ set list at the time of his joining, this song encapsulates what could have been.

Hat tips to Aaron and Kyle for bringing this to my attention. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

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  1. Hey Daniel, could you post a link to this video? Thanks

  2. Got it!

  3. It actually sounds like the Cathedrals in this video. I think it’s just because his voice sounded a little more like Kirk Talley’s.

  4. Too shrill and thin on the upper end for my taste.

  5. I heard Kurt in Little Rock, AR with the Cathedrals. He did a good job. He did crack a couple of times on the highest notes of the Cathedrals set list. Most tenors are shrill when they’re young. His voice would’ve matured, but the Cats wanted someone who could do their current set list. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit.

  6. 1 question and a comment

    1) what ever happened to Kurt Young?
    the answer may have been posted at avery but i can’t remember

    comment- He sort of sounded like chris collins (formerly of the kmen) to me.

  7. I saw (I think when I stumbled on the discussion at AFL) that he was living in Bartlesville, OK. I don’t know if that’s true, but it interests me because … my brother is marrying a girl who’s mother’s family are Youngs from Bartlesville, and they are very musical. I asked her if she knew of any Kurt, and she didn’t. I’m gonna hafta ask her mom!

    Hey, I’ll take being distantly related to a Cathedrals member anyway I can get it! 😀

  8. Hey, Amy, I happen to believe I’m distant cousins of all of them! 😉

    Something about Adam (and, for that matter, Noah…) 😉

  9. Well, if you look at it that way … it’s probably about as valid a claim as being sister-in-law to a second cousin.

  10. Well, a documentable relationship is neat, too. 🙂

  11. I predict that by Thanksgiving, a half dozen regional groups will be staging this song with their tenor copying Kurt note for note. 🙂

  12. Just when I thought I knew everything about the Cathedral’s, you come up with this! What fun to see this sg ‘royalty’ again. I still miss them.

  13. Does anyone know where this video was filmed? I saw the Cathedrals in spring of 1990 in Gadsden, AL right after Kurt Young had joined them, and this looks like it was from that particular show. I felt like I had jumped into a time machine when I saw this!

  14. I don’t know, but I know someone who might. I’ll send him an email.

  15. Thanks Daniel. That particular night in Gadsden, the Cathedrals included a song in their set called “He Left It All” which George said Kurt brought to the Cathedrals. I loved it and I’ve always wanted to hear it again. I was hoping that the individual who posted the video might have a clip of this song as well.

    I later found the song on a Nelons album (Let the Redeemed Say So, I think), but their interpretation lacked the “oomph” the Cathedrals brought to the song.

    Thanks again!

  16. Well, since Dean Adkins posted the video, I’m sure he has more. That guy has great classic videos like you wouldn’t believe.

  17. Re # 13:
    That concert was in Lancaster PA.

  18. I honestly couldn’t get all the way through this video…nice tone, but when he started trying to go up really high in the encore, he kind of lost me. I think I agree that he didn’t have the power to really make it with the Cats. Having said that, I do feel really sorry for the guy…I mean that goof on “This Ole House” is just too painful. To flunk a big moment like that…I just can’t imagine. Does anybody know what happened to him after he was fired?