Legacy Five hires Matt Fouch

Matt FouchLegacy Five announced early this afternoon that their new bass singer will be Matt Fouch. Fouch, who comes to Legacy Five after an eight-year stint with Soul’d Out Quartet, will start with Legacy Five on September 1.

Fouch comments:

For the past eight years I have had the great opportunity to travel and sing with the guys of Soul’d Out Quartet (SOQT). These men are high character individuals and it has been a pleasure to sing along side them. God has blessed SOQT and I am very thankful for the many friends I have made and the opportunities God has given through the ministry of SOQT.

With that said, after much prayer, thought and consultation with my wife, I have decided to resign my position with SOQT and join the Legacy Five team.

It is an honor and a privilege to join L5. These men have a wonderful calling on their lives and do a fantastic job. They are men of integrity and I couldn’t be happier to join their ranks. I’m excited to see where God leads and what He does in this new season of my life.

My family and I are thankful for your prayers and support, and I ask that you keep SOQT and L5 in your prayers as He leads both groups in the calling He has placed on their lives. God bless!

Scott Fowler adds:

Seasons of life change for us all. Change is never easy but it is inevitable. The older I get, the less I like change, but with change comes the excitement of seeing what new and refreshing doors God opens for us. We are really looking forward to Matt’s contribution to Legacy Five, both on and off the stage. To Matt, Dusty, Michael and Bryan of Soul’d Out, I want to say how much I have appreciated how gracious and kind they have been to Legacy Five and Matt during this time of transition. I cannot remember when two groups have had this type of cooperation in a situation like this. They are truly good men and I have great respect for them.

And in a surprising but classy move, Legacy Five’s announcement even included a comment from Matt Rankin, manager of the group Fouch is leaving:

Soul’d Out Quartet wishes to thank Matt Fouch for 8 years of service to the Lord and the group. We have been a part of seeing many come to Christ in those years. We have been a part of watching God’s hand at work and have watched him supply the group’s needs time and time again. We hate to see Matt leave Soul’d Out but we trust that God is leading this decision. We will be in prayer for a replacement and will continue our prayers and support for Matt Fouch, his family, and Legacy 5. Though change is many times difficult, the big picture is that we all are trying to serve the King. With that said, thank you Matt for making Soul’d Out a better group while you were here. We love you. God bless.

Soul’d Out was a trio when Fouch joined, so he is actually the only bass singer they have ever had. 

For a preview of the humor Fouch will bring to the group, check out the series of On the Couch with Fouch videos he has posted on his YouTube channel.

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  1. Youth maybe a factor here…I think this is a good pick.

    Now, about that open bass position for Soul’d Out…the carousel keeps turnin’!

    • You know, I had a similar thought; youth may indeed be a factor.

      (Of course, most bass singers, especially those who use proper technique, only get better with age!)

      • Typo, Daniel? It said Current Matt Fouch. . .

      • Thanks! That’s what I get for trying to get (and getting) this post up in ~5 minutes at the end of lunch break! (In my defense, the news didn’t break until I was almost done with lunch break!)

        I was going to say, originally, “current Soul’d Out Quartet bass singer Matt Fouch,” but decided to break Fouch’s involvement with SOQT into a separate sentence.

  2. Whoa! That was my first response. Did not think they would get someone like Fouch. Great hire!

  3. This is a great hire for Legacy Five. Matt has a great voice and is a very funny guy. He will add a lot to the group and I can’t wait to hear them w/ the new lineup!

  4. Comment

    • What should I say? 😉

  5. We worked with Soul’d Out this past Saturday in central Illinois. Classy, great sounding group of guys. No one let on that one would be moving on shortly. Refreshing to see Matt’s statement of who we all really are working for!

  6. So, Daniel, is September 1 the date he will actually start singing concerts? If so, I’ll be in the second concert that he does with them. 🙂

    • I think so.

    • That’s right. Randy Byrd, though he has officially joined the Anchormen, will be filling in with Legacy Five this coming weekend.

      • Figures I miss that by one week!

  7. Very classy and gracious communication from all parties involved. What a blessing!

  8. Good hire, he should only get better….and while many of you probably disagreed with me that Randy Byrd (while great) wasn’t the best option. I think that youth and image played a great role in this decision….Great for everyone!

  9. Having traveled on the bus with Fouch several times, I can tell you he is the real deal and pretty easily the best bass singer of his generation. Good move for L5, and equally good response from Rankin.

  10. Great fit or the Jubilee series as well!

  11. Here is a short clip showcasing Matt’s great low range: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=-ptbYIlNbEE

  12. Not a bad pick after hearing Mikes’ voice on some of the videos on Youtube. Sounds like he has a good resonance and can nail the low notes about as good Glenn could. Of couse, I would have liked to see the new bass be Gene Mcdonald, but this is a good one too.

    • I don’t imagine Gene was available – don’t think he would have left the Gaither Vocal Band / Homecoming tour.

  13. Matt has an extraordinary bass voice and a “one of a kind” sense of humor. He will fit in well with Legacy Five.
    I can’t wait to hear them perform at the NQC. I am so very impressed with the positive attitudes of everyone involved here…the members of The Soul’d Out Quartet & Legacy Five, and I just know that God will again match the “right” bass member with The Soul’d Out Quartet.

  14. We are excited to hear of Legacy Five’s choice for a bass singer, and can’t wait to meet Matt (Lord-willing) next month! 🙂

  15. I was actually pulling for Dennis Dugger. Thought L5 would be a good landing place for him to come back to the industry. Never heard Fouch, so interested to hear him. Must be great if Scott picked him.

  16. Lauren has posted a video of his debut with L5 at Silver Dollar City over on her blog.

    Wow! I always liked his singing, but I think joining L5 will catapult him to being recognized as one of the best bass singers in the industry, right after Tim Riley and Pat Barker!