Video from Stephen Hill’s Homegoing Service

Stephen Hill passed away suddenly on Sunday, August 6th. His memorial / home going services was eight days later, on Monday, August 13th. Friends, family, and fellow Southern Gospel artists gathered to commemorate his life.

At the service, Sisters sang the song he closed his final concert with, “It is Well.” This isn’t just worth watching because of the context; this rendition is a work of art on its own merits. The apparently effortless key changes, airtight unison lines, and lush cascading harmonies—all achieved without the help of tracks or stacks—are part of why Sisters’ fellow performers have such a high respect for their abilities.

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  1. These ladies are just fabulous on every thing they do! I’m so glad you posted this, Daniel.

  2. Beautiful..and so true for him now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness! Fantastic rendition of the beautiful old standard. I have heard it sung in numerous venues, but certainly not any better than those ladies sang it.

    What a testimony to Steven Hill’s faith, as this truly appeared to be a celebration of his home going.

  4. Who are these ladies? They’re good! I’m sure Stephen would approve. It’s hard to watch some of the old Gaither Homecoming Series with so many of the great ones that preserved this music gone! Hope you all are having a good one! Later, Me

  5. And we hope everyone who watches this video will take a moment to help a family in need. A Gospel singer has to stretch every dollar, and Stephen’s family needs to hear from you with a tax deductible dontaion today.

    • In these cases I suggest making DVDs and CDs of the funeral services (only songs, of course) and selling afterwards delivering benefits to the family. (Always with the family permission)

      • Nice thought David, but to have a video with quality worthy of the departed and the folks singing costs real money. Stephen would have wished this YouTube video quality was better. Dozens of times I heard him ask folks from the stage, “Please don’t put this on YouTube” at a concert event. It really isn’t fair, bad lighting, shaky phone cam . . . and a microphone the size of a pencil eraser. . . . .

      • Woody, that reminds me of the razzing we’d give each other over the video of he and Ben at Stamps singing Palms of Victory. He announces at the end “If this winds up on youtube, I can get your addresses and I will find you. It seems everytime I do something really ignorant it winds up on youtube.” So for grins I stuck it up there, on private originally, and showed him just to get a rise out of Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected. All he did was go “Hmmm that’s not bad quality. I like it. You know, son, if you don’t make it singing you could do camera work.” And walked away. I miss those moments. We gave each other such a hard time about stuff like that and had a blast.

    • I have just started to listen to Stephen Hill. He alledgedly passed away suddenly. May I ask what was the cause?
      I felt the grief and the sorrow of his passing away. Kind Regards and may we continue to walk in the joy and the hope in God our Father and His son Jesus as Stephen promoted God. He has already told our Father which art in heaven ; I read your book, I followed your son Jesus and I loved my neighbour as Stephen did it in song and music which is no other better way to promote God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. He was a role model to all who knew him and will still get to know him through his CD’s. OUR fATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, THANKYOU FOR YOUR SERVANT AND YOU KNOW WHY HE LEFT SO SOON. His family are the responsibility of those you have told to come to the fore and assist financially,spiritually and emotionally. Father quicken assistance to themin in Jesus name amen.

  6. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous. We were floored…and inspired. 🙂

  7. When I die I want a homegoing service like that… What an amazing harmony of these ladies…

  8. I lost one of my dearest friend’s Stephen Hill. I was at the service and believe me these girls made me cry again. Please think of the Hill family in your prayers and help where you can. The music in Heaven just got better.


  10. God has just welcomed his child home. With these girls sending him there with their heavenly vocals! So fitting. Loved Stephens songs, and will miss him down here, but I know there’s regoicing going on up there! Dance on those streets of gold Stephen! See ya when I get there!