5 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Smart move to express his views in a vehicle separate from his Greater Vision Trio Ministry platform.
    Too bad he is not a ordained preacher with a pulpit.
    Then he can preach a sermon from the pulpit like Johnathan Falwell and get his points across in his Sunday morning sermon.
    Gerald , like Pastor Falwell, knows the guidelines in these days and age.

  2. OK, I love the title … “Just the Way it Is.” It’s so Gerald. Might make a good song title, too! Followup for “It Means Just What it Says.” lol

  3. Gerald is great at this kind of stuff. Now he can make fun of Rodney and Jacob on there and the whole world can know it!
    He is very political. Something we need to see in more SG artists. Artists have a “captive audience” when they sing, so they can tell them anything off of a stage and people will have their ears perked ready to listen. Why not tell them to get out there and vote?

  4. I’m very happy to see Gerald branch out to his own blog! (And like SouthernGospelFan, I agree that the blog being totally separate from Greater Vision is an excellent move.) Though Gerald does “tell it like it is” in his first entry, he is not harsh. He’s very straight-forward and clear. You don’t have to wonder where he stands. I think this world needs a lot more Christian men like Gerald who are willing to forget about being “politically correct” and to stand up for what is right.

    I’m looking forward to his future entries and hope that his great sense of humor comes out in some of them!

  5. Ooops! That’s GospelMusicFan, not SouthernGospel Fan that I referred to above! Geezerhood took over for a minute!