Scotty & Kasey Inman’s daughter in ICU

Scotty and Kasey Inman welcomed their first child into the world yesterday, daughter Embry. Their daughter is now in intensive care; Scotty just posted this prayer request:

To ALL Friends,
We are asking prayer for our new little girl, Embry. Early this morning she stopped breathing & has had 3 or 4 of the same episodes throughout the day. She is in ICU and they will be running test the next 3-4 days to try to find the problem. To be honest, Kasey Embry Inman and I are scared to death and agree that this is the hardest thing that we’ve been through. We believe in Gods plan & we also believe in Gods healing. We just want our baby girl. Yesterday was the highest high, & today has been the lowest low. Thank you for your prayers. We love you!

Please keep the Inman family in your prayers!

UPDATE, 8/26/12, 7:40 P.M.: An update from Scotty:

Words could never express how grateful we are , for ALL of YOU. So many have texted, called, Facebooked, Tweeted, etc and helped us pray for our baby girl, Embry. We HAVE felt THOSE prayers. Yesterday was an awful day…Today was a better day, thanks to the comfort and peace that only God can give. 
We apologize we aren’t able to respond to every encouraging word we’ve received

Embry had an EEG today & the doctors found that she has suffered “multiple seizures” and they are now treating that with medicine and will continue to monitor her. Tomorrow they will do an MRI that will show us if there has been any damage or compromising of her little brain, due to this. Tomorrow is BIG DAY. We STILL need every prayer.

We love our baby girl so much. We just want her to be, what God wants her to be. He knew all of this would be… And we trust HIM.

We love you all,
Scotty, Kasey, & Embry

UPDATE, 8/27/12: Another update from Scotty:

Great, Great News!
We just got word from the Neurologist that Embry’s brain is completely fine! We praise the Lord & again, thank all of you for your continued prayers!
She still has the seizure condition. The doctors are continuing her medicine for that and they will do another EEG, In a day or so , to re-check her activity. We now pray for results and answers to this unknown. She will remain in NICU & We will be here, with her, for a few more days, at least. Kasey & I just had great visit w/ her.

God is Great, no matter what

Scotty, Kasey, & Embry

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  1. Prayers to

  2. praying for Embrey. This is a most trying time for you two. So sorry. “God is in control.” Praying!

  3. Prayers going for Embrey.

  4. Scotty, I am praying for little Embry. We love you!

  5. I’m praying too, Scotty.

  6. Scotty Darlin’…your “third Grandmama” is joining the host of people who love you and Kasey in praying for little Embry, and trusting God to comfort you and Kasey and all your family at this difficult time. Claiming the victory! I can feel God saying, “I am holding this baby”. I love you dearly!

  7. Dear Scotty and Kasey: – I am one of Triumphant’s “Red Deer” fans – God is so able to correct any breathing problems Embry has – he formed the lungs and he can totally heal – I am praying for baby Embry and your entire family – Joy Jenkins.

  8. Praying for little Embry. Stories like this break my heart.

  9. Praying for this baby girl and family. My heart goes out to you all.

  10. Scotty, Kasey, & baby Embry…my family and I pray for you all. There is power in prayer, and we serve a powerful God!

  11. Wonderful news that there is no brain damage, and I was one of many who have been praying for her, and for Embry’s parents! Praise the Lord for your faith, for our hope in HIM, and for the support of family and friends. Will continue in prayer that they will find the cause for the seizures and find a cure for them.

  12. Continued Prayers!

  13. Comment

  14. Are there any updates on the condition of baby Embry Inman? Many of us have been praying for her and her family. Prayerfully by now, Sept. 11, 2012, she is home and smiling at everyone and getting better every day. Could you please let us know. Thank you.

    In His service,
    Kathie Beu

    • Actually, she is home and improving.