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  1. I’m so glad Lauren got such a good video of Matt’s first L5 performance – and I love that song anyway!!

    • I love the song, too, and I think Matt did such a great job on day one that L5 fans have no need to fear whether Matt will fit in.

      • I was very impressed with him last night! Thanks for sharing Daniel!

      • You’re welcome!

      • So true, so true. Am excited to hear a whole foncert.

  2. That’s all I need to hear to confirm it for me. perfect fit!

  3. That is awesome! I’ve always loved Matt’s voice, but he does an outstanding job with Legacy Five! So exciting that God brought him into this position! Praying for Soul’d Out Quartet as they continue to look for a bass! 🙂

  4. Like I said last night…

    Wow! I always liked his singing, but I think joining L5 will catapult Matt to being recognized as one of the best bass singers in the industry, right along with Tim Riley and Pat Barker!

  5. Matt sounded really good on this song. Fits in great, sound-wise. I’m sure if he didn’t fit with their personalities, Scott wouldn’t have chosen him. Thanks for the post!

  6. Sounds a lot like Mike Holcomb to me. And that’s a good thing!

    • I would have never thought of that, unless you said it, Brian.
      Very good point.
      There was something about Matt’s “flow”, his diction, that caught my ear. Now that you said that, I hear Mike in Matt’s enuncation.
      Like Daniel, several years ago, mentioning David Hester as a possible “stand in” for Ray Dean Reese. There are similarities.

  7. Extremely happy and thrilled for my boy Fatt Mouch!!!

  8. Matt sounds great!! What a smooth transition…L5 is off and running! Can’t wait to see them next week in Indy!

    • We’ll be there too. Looking forward to hearing Matt in person. Should be a great evening with GV being there too.

  9. Wow, from just this short video I can already say Matt was a GREAT choice and sounds awesome w/ Legacy 5! I can’t wait to hear them live,

  10. I get tears in my eyes each time I listen to this rendition by Matt. I believe he is a perfect fit for L5.Looking forward to hearing many more awesome songs.

  11. Sounds great! We can’t wait to meet him and hear him sing! Henry and Peggy, Plano, TX

  12. Before the frst line was over, I realized that he’s definatley “got it”. This is BIG for them.

  13. It seems like Matt has a much fuller tone than Glenn. I liked Glenn’s voice, but his tone seemed too thin for my liking at times.