Dixie Echoes hire bass singer Jordan James, tenor Craig Thomas, and pianist Ben Hart

The Dixie Echoes lineup saw its biggest change in years when pianist Stewart Varnado announced his departure in May, and tenor Michael Helwig and bass Mike Jennings announced their departures on the same day in June. The group found a pianist and bass singer fairly quickly, but waited to announce the new lineup until they had also found a tenor. The announcement went out late last night:

The Dixie Echoes are happy to announce that we have filled the positions of bass, tenor and pianist.

Jordan James will be filling the bass slot. He is from Verda, LA. and has attended, and taught at the Stamps School of Music. Jordan has a dynamic voice that has drawn comparisons to the great George Younce.

Craig Thomas will be singing the tenor part. He is from DeFuniak Springs, FL. and has one of the smoothest tenor voices you will ever hear. His smile and personality has already won the hearts of Dixie Echoes fans everywhere.

Ben Hart will be the new pianist for the group. Ben comes to us from Peoria, Ill. and is one of the most talented young musicians in gospel music. Ben also plays the guitar, harmonica, bass guitar, and quite a few other instruments.

Each of these man have felt the calling on their lives to share the gospel, and we are very thankful that God has chosen to place them with the Dixie Echoes.

Be sure to check dixieechoes.com for our schedule, and come meet Jordan, Craig, and Ben next time we’re in your area.

There isn’t high-quality video footage of the group yet, but here’s a hand-held video of the new lineup. There is also a slightly earlier video of Jordan James singing “How Big is God” (possibly with a fill-in tenor).

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  1. Nice Sound!

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that’s not a fill-in tenor. There’s footage from the same concert (singing “Have a Little Talk with Jesus” where you can clearly see it’s Craig Thomas. He filled in with them for a long time before being hired.

    • Thanks, Josh! The footage was all so fuzzy that I couldn’t tell for sure, and I prefer to be safe rather than sorry!

  3. No prob, and to be honest the first time I saw it I didn’t think it was him. The hair looked lighter than his facebook photos and I didn’t see the goatee since the mic was in the way. But in the “Have a Little Talk” video he’s introduced (not by name, but the camera focuses on him directly) and you can see that it’s him.

  4. Great tenor voice, too.

  5. Wow!! They still have it and then some. The bass definitely reminds me of George Younce. I think the piano player may have been channeling both Hove Lister and Wally Varner !

    As the old saying goes, it seems reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated…. I just knew that the Shelnuts would bounce back.

  6. Sorry for any “fuzziness” on my part. I forgot my HD cam that day.

    • For my part, I actually don’t particularly care. HD footage has its place and its purpose, but for just giving us a little glimpse of what it would have been like to share this special moment, this serves the purpose!

  7. Congratulations to Ben & Craig!! I had the privilege of meeting these guys a couple weeks ago. They are super nice guys whose talents really complement the Dixie Echoes sound & performance. I am especially proud of Jordan, as he is my baby brother! His voice has such a rich warm tone that transcends his youthful 22 years of age in maturity. I feel that fans across the country will not only fall in love with his voice but his humble & endearing spirit as well. Congratulations guys!!

  8. Bass singer sounds fantastic. They seem to get better with every change.

  9. As Craig’s sister, I couldn’t be more proud! His smile, personality and above all…his great love for Christ is as genuine as it comes!
    Thank you Daniel for keeping us all up to date. God Bless.