Upcoming Release: The Cathedrals, Live in Chicago

The Cathedrals - Live in ChicagoIn 1996, the Cathedral Quartet recorded a concert live at Moody Church in downtown Chicago, Illinois. It was broadcast on Moody’s Friday Night Sing program, but has lain forgotten in the archives for the last sixteen years. The recording was recently re-discovered, and Stow Town Records will be releasing it on November 6th. It will include these songs:

  • Oh Come Along
  • Step Into The Water
  • Your Blesser Ain’t Never Been Blessed
  • Heavenly Parade
  • This Ole House
  • Life Will Be Sweeter (featuring Buddy Greene)
  • What A Savior
  • Jesus Saves
  • I Thirst
  • Because He Lives (including Roger Bennett’s testimony) 
  • Don’t Be Afraid
  • There Is A Fountain

Stow Town describes the find:

The Cathedrals were the premier quartet of the last century, and you never thought you would have another chance, until Heaven, to enjoy a fresh concert experience with the never-to-be-forgotten George Younce and Glen Payne, along with Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, and the incomparable Roger Bennett.

But one amazing Cathedrals concert has been waiting in a vault for just the right time to be released, and that time is now.

November can’t come soon enough!

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  1. Cool, i will have to get that one!

  2. Totally awesome!!!!!

  3. I can’t express how excited I am about this!!! What an amazing find!

    • I agree Paul!

  4. I remember this concert very well! I was pastoring in southern Indiana and we always enjoyed when they had a SG group in.

    NOTE: Roger Bennett was in classic form that night, and his testimony was very moving prior to the song, “Don’t Be Afraid!” Awesome concert!

    • Wow! It’s cool that you remember it.

    • I meant to add that we didn’t attend this concert, but listened intently on the radio. These Friday PM concerts were aired live on Moody Radio stations.

      • I remember listening to those concerts back in my CCM days – but even that would have been after the Cathedrals retired!

  5. I am glad this is an actual CONCERT PERFORMANCE, and not the fiasco that was “Live With The Jacksonville Choir”….

    • Completely agreed. That was a fiasco, and this looks to be a treasure.

      The only minus, in a sense, is that this is a fairly close overlap to the only other live recording from their final decade (1997 – Alive! Deep in the Heart of Texas). But who knows – perhaps Ernie will be able to find others over the next few years! And there is also a sense in which I don’t care if it’s an overlap, it’s still something that I didn’t otherwise have! 🙂

      • I wonder if this will be remixed/remastered. The Texas album was a great example of the Cathedrals truly live and in their element, but it always seemed a bit TOO raw for my liking (the tracks they used were way too low in the mix).

  6. This is way cool! What was the deal with Live in Jacksonville? I have the VHS of that. There wasn’t much between song transition stuff but the songs and video was good quality.

    • I think the issue was mainly the overdubbed choir.

      • Homeland released a CD in 2000 called “Live with the Jacksonville Choir,” in which a church choir was overdubbed onto existing studio recordings. They then added canned applause between each track in an attempt to market it as a “live” album; the problem was that they used ORIGINAL studio recordings dating anywhere from 1985-1995, so you wound up hearing a supposed concert that, at times, included Danny Funderburk and Mark Trammell, and at other times had Ernie Haase and Scott Fowler. The emcee work from George was also pulled from existing live albums (“Campmeetin’ Live” and “Deep In The Heart Of Texas.”

        It was indeed a VERY cheap attempt to cash in on the Cathedrals name following their retirement.

      • I am not sure Jacksonville was supposed to be a concert and they couldn’t do it or not. I am also not sure which came first, but there was a choral collection of this album released in songbook, demo and track form from this album. It had quartet vocals and choral vocals notated (with the only exception I recall being “An Old Convention Song” which was quartet only.

        As far as the CD above, I wonder if that is the same concert where Glen Payne sang all four parts of “The Heavenly Parade” one after the other. I hope so, but either way I am looking forward to it a lot.

  7. Oh I see. The VHS was the actual live performance. It was good. I never heard the cd. The Hinsons last live project was similar in that the video was live from Frank Arnold’s home video recorder which they acknowledged. It was just great to have a recording of that tour for posterity. But I bought the cassette and it was just old Hinson live recordings some of which had Chris Freeman on them instead of Yvonne Hinson. It was disappointing that it wasn’t the audio from the live show. Anyway I am really thrilled about this new Cathedrals release. Never thought I’d see anything like that.

  8. Wow, I can hardly wait for this. Loved the Cathedrals so much.

  9. I would like to see Ernie acquire the rights to the Canaan Collection from Word Records of albums like better than ever and Colorado of his love. Great recordings.

    • LOL Daniel. “Colorado” of His Love. Next they could get Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colorados” Is that the kind of remark you were talking about yesterday? 😛

      • I don’t think so. I would venture to guess that Daniel was typing on a smart phone whose auto-correct thought it was smarter than Daniel was. 🙂 😛

      • That’s what I figured. Daniel is a good friend of mine (shhh) and was just commenting yesterday (in essence) that I hadn’t made any snide remarks lately. So, I HAD to zing him.

      • Oops could you edit that? 🙂

      • Edit “Colorado”?

      • Nope, the extra letter in the word “snide” that I accidentally put there.

      • OK – edited! 🙂

    • Is that the album with the classic Kristofferson song “Wyoming Lord?”

  10. Bless your heart Quartet -man, now.,…go away. LOL
    Daniel J. Was right but it is a kindle fire. I meant to say COLORS, COLORS!!!! LOL

    • That’s why I use a PC, not a smartphone or tablet. 🙂

  11. HOT DOG!!!!!! I will be adding that to my collection. makes me wonder if anyone audio or vidio taped the Final concert?
    That would be the icing on the cake to a complete catheral collection. Any one in the Akron, Ohio area want to look into that? Wonder though if someone came forward if they could get in trouble for an unauthorizedrecording? Not sure how that works.
    Also I hear Bobby Clark is looking into getting the tv recordings from the Rex Humbard days. That would also be awesome.

    • Yes, that would be great. Certainly someone recorded it. Perhaps somebody in the Cathedrals recorded it just for their own purposes. I haven’t seen anything on youtube.

  12. I filmed parts of night one and all of the final night of the Cathedrals last concert in Akron in Dec 1999. I watched it again about a month ago and the magic of that weekend was still there. Even though George was deathly ill that weekend, he gave everything he had and just did not want to leave the stage. A sweet memory that I will never forget. As far as I know, it was filmed by the church, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day. It didn’t seem to be “professionally” filmed. Bittersweet weekend with Glen not there. But a great piece of history.

  13. This was a great concert – I remember it well. It was broadcast over our local Christian radio station and I recorded it on a cassette tape which I still have. Yes, quartet-man, that was the concert where Glen Payne sang all four parts of “The Heavenly Parade” one after the other. This is a “must have” for any Cathedral Quartet lover!

  14. there will never ever be another group to even think about a comparison with the wonderful, fabulous, spirit filled quartest as the Chathedrals….I cant wait to hear them again in Heaven…when we are all present

  15. i would love for ernie to find and release a live recording for cd with kurt young singing “he left it all.”

    • Securing all necessary permissions will not be easy, to say the least!

  16. Where can I order this DVD from? I don”t see any ordering informtion.

    Thank you.

    • Pretty much any Christian bookstore should at a minimum be able to special-order it for you. Also, Springside (www.springside.com) consistently carries just about everything I review – so consistently that I haven’t seen the need to link to them every week!

  17. I downloaded The Catherdals Live In Chicago off of iTunes and I love it! I am so glad I downloaded it!

  18. I just discovered this gem a few days ago and wow! I can’t get enough of it! The recording makes you feel like you are right there with them. A must have for every fan!

    • I completely agree. If you’re a Cathedrals fan, you definitely don’t want to miss this CD.

  19. The second half of this project is song after song of pure excellence! Well, the whole thing is excellent, but the second half is brilliance. The singing was spot on, the comedy was hilarious, and Roger’s testimony was a tearjerker.

    For me, its the last 1/4th of the project that take it from a 4-star to a 5-star project.