Saturday News Roundup #136

Worth Knowing

  • Scotty and Kasey Inman’s infant daughter Embry, whose hospitalization we’ve covered here and here, continues to recover. Scotty Inman posted this update on Wednesday: “As many of you know, Embry had her 2nd EEG today. we just talked to the Neurologist, face to face. He said that the EEG looked “completely fine” and didn’t resemble the one taken earlier in the week! He went on to say that she doesn’t look like the same baby that he read about & saw on Sunday. Kasey & I told him that MANY PEOPLE had been praying for her and that we Thank & Praise the Lord for these results And he agreed with us. We are one step closer to taking our girl home. When she goes home she will be on medicine & sleeping with a monitor for at least 2 months.” They were able to take her home yesterday afternoon.
  • HisSong tenor/founding member Adam Elrod is leaving, after over ten years with the group. He is recording a solo CD.
  • April Potter Holleman, a veteran booking agent who has worked for the Harper Agency and her own former agency, the April Potter Agency, has launched Creative Vision Entertainment. She will be booking the Ball Brothers and singer/songwriter John Lemonis, among others.

Worth Reading

  • Lauren’s SG Blog has a review of Matt Fouch’s first night with Legacy Five.

Worth Watching

School is in session! Paid in Full shows how Southern Gospel should be done—and the excitement a live band brings to the stage:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Reminder: EHSS to Sing at NASCAR Event on Sunday

    This is their third consecutive year to sing at Atlanta Motor Speedway. You can check them out Sunday night on ESPN. This is great exposure for a Southern Gospel group, no matter if you are a fan of their music or not.

    • Thanks, and yes, it is great exposure indeed. I, however, don’t have a CT, and have never watched a NASCAR race (or, for that matter, a professional football, basketball, or soccer game), so that sort of story just doesn’t jump out to me the way it otherwise would!

      • No problem, just wanted to let people know, since my blog doesn’t get near the traffic yours does.

      • Thanks for passing it along! I’m sure quite a few people with a TV read the site. In fact, I imagine that 95%+ of my readers have a TV! 🙂

  2. I have a T.V. , but no reception……. it’s for videos only!

    I have a question for my fellow singers/southern gospel fans, and I would like your straightforward, honest answers. I need some help figuring something out, any help is appreciated.
    I am a bass singer who can sing low, down to C1. (J.D. ‘s cut of “Blessed Assurance” in the ’70’s.) Tone quality isn’t the best in that range, I need to work on developing a sound akin to Gerald Williams, Jim and Larry Stewart, ect.
    My problem is, when I get on stage and start singing through a mic, it’s like I can’t relax enough to even make an A1, the next A above C1.
    Last Saturday, our group, for which I run sound, was singing at a weeklong convention. Another group “set up” for the sing, so when it was our time to sing, I sat onstage, behind them, playing their tracks. I sang one song during their set, “Good News From The Graveyard”, with the Kingdom Heir’s track.
    I could sing it most everyday, no big deal. BUT, when I got onstage, I lost it! Sang it higher than I should have. Messed it up.
    When I sat back down, and the next song in their set was being sung, I’m singing the bass notes without a problem! Sang some parts lower than our bass does.
    But I just can’t seem to produce it when I’m at the mic.
    The Pine Ridge Boys sang that day, and Larry Stewart is just NAILING it, very effortless. Same mic, same system. From my seat in the audience, I was singing with Larry without a problem!
    It’s aggravating!
    If anyone has some practical tips, something that could help me, my ears are open. I’d deeply appreciate it if somebody would chime in. I want to be able to stage what I can sing when I’m offstage.
    Thank you very much.

    • Relax. Don’t think about what note is coming up. I struggle with relaxing on the low notes, but just sing every note like it is comfortable. Don’t think about who is there, the sound system, the note coming up, or what’s for dinner!! Lol. Just relax and sing.

      • Thanks Pat.
        Sometimes, about dinner, the thought is, “I shouldn’t have ate that before I sang!”

      • Quaid,

        It’s just nerves. We’ve all had them, even we tenor singers. While all dates are important, over time you will develop a comfort/confidence level that will allow you to be your best regardless of the size venue or other groups you are working with.

        Like learning to tie your shoes, it’s tough at first but after a while you won’t even realize you’re doing it.

        PS About eating; I ony do half portions and hour before singing………no peppers, onions or anything else that might………shall we say…..unexpectedly return? I don’t do dairy (ice cream, milk, etc.), chocolate, mayo, or anything that will coat my throat. Popcorn is killer for me as the kernal bits & jackets can show up at inopportune times.

        That’s why so many Gospel Singers are……..”Big Boned”. We starve ourselves before and then have to go eat after every concert, ha!

        Hang in there. You’ll soon be nailing it.

      • Glen,
        I have to agree, since dairy destroys my voice. Honestly, I do pay attention to foods I’m sensitive to, but not as much as I should.
        I’m one of the preformers who aren’t “big boned”. You know, the literal “starving artist”.
        No, not really ! But, I’m thin for my height. Suppose that might make it harder project vocally ?
        But, then again, London Parris defies that theory.
        Anyway, thanks for chiming in Glen.

  3. Hey Daniel. Me again. I have more NQC questions. We have a package that includes tickets and hotel and I’m pretty sure shuttle passes too. The artist showcase is in a different place than the evening concert. What I’m wondering is will the shuttle take you to the artist showcase then come back and take you to freedom hall or can you just walk from one to the other. Also is exhibit hall hard to get to from freedom hall? Thanks a ton!

    • Unless you’re extremely out of shape, it should be no problem at all to walk between the two.