Video: Phelps / Gaither Vocal Band

I know I already posted one video from David Phelps’ weekend with the Gaither Vocal Band, but this is simply too good not to post:

Am I the only one who would say that if Guy Penrod’s sabbatical becomes a departure, Gaither could make no better move than to bring Phelps back?

Having a tenor on tenor and what other groups would call a tenor on lead has been a GVB standby for years, so it’s not like it would be that drastic of a change.

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  1. Keep Phelps after Guy returns. Hey, it’s a vocal band, not a quartet. If the Temptations had five guys, why can’t Bill?

  2. A vocal lineup where a male tenor has the “lead” positsion and another male tenor, or a soprano/alto is above him works great with many groups. But unfotunatley it doesn’t happen enough. But then again, that’s most likley why groups using that type of vocal lineup can really grab a fan’s attention. For a few examples, look at the Keetons and Colonial City. A high male tenor singing the lead works great for them.
    I agree with Grigs, Bill would be very wise to get David back with the GVB and do a quintet.
    As a side thought, if EH&SS would ever need a lead singer, what would it sound like if Ernie would switch to the lead and hire another tenor? Interesting to say the least.

  3. I would love to see David Phelps back with the Vocal Band. If Guy were to choose to stay off, and David would choose to come back, I think that Bill Gaither would jump at the chance.

    By the way, with Penrod currently gone, has anyone else realized how tall David Phelps is? I never realized with Guy always towering above everyone.

    • David Phelps is a bit taller than me and I am 6’4″. I would put Guy Penrod at about 6’6″ judging from the videos (but he is probably wearing heels on his boots). That would put him at about 6’4 or so”.

  4. Well, it happened, Guy left, David returned…why don’t
    I feel better?

    • I know why. It’s because David and Michael combined can’t fill those cowboy boots. I’m still a GVB fan—I’m just a fan of previous configurations at this point. Configurations with Guy, that is.

      • Their is nothing wrong with Michael English and David Phelps.Yes i did like Phelps with Guy the best , but Guy wanted to try things on his on. He should be able to do that. I would love to see Russ Taft back with them, but you dont always get what you want.But if I can get David back, I will deal with the rest.

  5. does anyone have any footage or pictures of the cathedrals concert in rockford, IL. in or around the late 80’s early 90’s

    thnks so much. i was a kid on stage that night