Matthew Holt to be Gaither Homcoming Tour pianist?

Is former Perrys pianist Matthew Holt the next pianist for the Gaither Homecoming Tour? That’s what this video, posted by YouTube user Alice Holt Starnes (hat tip, Josh) indicates:

There is no official word yet, but he is at least filling in. He would be a surprising choice, perhaps, since (to the best of my knowledge) he has done little work with the Homecoming core team in the past. Yet he would be every bit as much a wise choice, and here’s why: Not only is he among the best pianists to debut on the Southern Gospel circuit within the past decade, he is also one of the most diverse. Some pianists excel at classical technique, others (like Gordon Mote) excel at country/Studio session piano technique, while yet others (like the Hayes sisters) are masters of convention-style playing. While perhaps the convention-style playing is what Holt is best known for, thanks to his years on the road with the Perrys, his proficiency in each area makes him the Anthony Burger of his generation. For a Homecoming pianist, that’s not a bad thing at all!

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  1. The pic I posted on my site was from a photo album of the Alaskan cruise. That’s a fairly big event for them, so I’d like to think its pretty official.

    I’ve read that Matt’s musical hero is Anthony Burger, so it certainly makes sense for him.

    • Yes, Matt’s hero is Anthony Burger.

      It’s not impossible that the Gaither Vocal Band could get a fill-in pianist for a cruise – since, after all, they need a pianist for said event. There’s enough circumstantial evidence that I thought it was worth a post, but not quite enough for me to state definitively that it’s a 100% certainty.

    • According to the original May 28, 2012 SGBlog post announcing Gordon’s departure, it stated “Mark Lowry announced on SocialCam that Gaither Homecoming Tour / Gaither Vocal Band pianist Gordon Mote is leaving the Gaither tour. He will still appear at major Gaither-promoted events. The Gaither Vocal Band is looking for a replacement.”

      I would think that the Alaskan Cruise would be considered a major Gaither-promoted event. The fact that Gordon didn’t play for that and Matthew did seems to indicate he’s more than just a fill-in.

      • Key word being “appear.” Nowhere did it say that he would be accompanying the GVB at those events, he could’ve still been there as a “featured artist.”

  2. I think Matt would be a great choice!! I wonder if he could juggle his schedule enough at the college to be able to hold both positions.

    • Don’t know … but if it was ever worth a SG pianist leaving a nice college spot, it would be to be the Homecoming Tour pianist! And it would be a nice level of prestige for the college, too, to have the Homecoming Tour pianist on their faculty!

    • Say, Diana … what if he’s going to leave the college – and that’s the job Dustin Sweatman was hired to fill?

      • That is very intriguing indeed Daniel. That could very well be the plan!

  3. I saw Matthew with the Perrys 4, almost 5 years ago, and thought that he was the next Anthony Burger.
    As a side note, I checked the linear notes on the Perry’s 1 album with Matthew as a member, Look No Further”, and Gordon Mote is credited as playing piano. Gordon did a good job of copying Matthew’s live licks!
    I know it’s the other way around…….. but anyway, Matthew is GOOD!!

  4. I think it is interesting that it is not Stan Whitmire given his previous relationship with Mark Lowry. Too busy maybe?

  5. Isn’t Stan on staff at Mt. Paran Church of God in Atlanta? If so that would occupy his time.

  6. Dude can play some serious piano. He’d be an excellent choice.

  7. Like Anthony, Gordon and some focused, talented piano players, Matthew can play anything from Charlie Daniels’ music. bluegrass, country to Mozart’s music.
    All things are possible if God and you are on the same page!

  8. I heard Matthew Holt This past Sunday night, with the Gaither Vocal Band. The only “band” was Greg Ritchie, Kevin Williams, who played bass more than anything along with his Apple Computer with the canned music it provided well, and Matthew Holt who did a fine job on the Yamaha Electric piano. I didn’t know who he was until last night. I enjoyed my first GVB concert last night, though the DVDs are always the best seat and sound mix.

  9. Matt Holt played as our church pianist as a child! He was awesome then and I congratulate him as the newest pianist for GVB and the Homecoming group! I love Matt and his family. Always will cherish knowing him as child and knowing, beyond any doubt, that God would use him in a great way!