Sony’s Thoughts: What Really Matters

I trust you and your family have had a great summer. Can you believe it’s almost over?! The older I get, the more quickly time flies which reminds me how short life on earth really is in the scheme of things. That realization makes me want to make every moment count. I think about that more on holiday weekends since, for me, a day out of the office is a day to catch up on other things that never take priority during the work week.

As I think about the things I want to accomplish, I’m reminded that, in the eternal scheme of things, my to-do list is pretty insignificant. Sure it needs done but it’s easy to be busy and miss out on what God truly desires of me. Taking time for others is more important than having a clean house. Spending time with God is more important than getting lots done. In fact, it’s usually the catalyst to getting lots done since, with His help, I can accomplish so much more.

Today is my day to rest, write, read and pray. Tomorrow is the day to try to accomplish a lot that I’ve needed to do for months. That’s my plan. However, if God has another plan for my day, I trust Him and will strive to rest in Him because He is the one I serve and, if I’m in His will, everything will get done that really needs to–even if it’s just playing Scrabble with my grandma or listening to someone who needs to talk.

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