Dianne Wilkinson autobiography now available; NQC signing announced

Dianne Wilkinson: The Life and Times of a Gospel Songwriter

Last month, I announced the upcoming release ofย Dianne Wilkinson: The Life and Times of a Gospel Songwriter.

It is now available for purchase on Amazon ($19.99 for the 342-page paperback), here.

At next week’s National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, the book will be available all week at the Kingdom Heirs’ table. Dianne Wilkinson will also be at their booth for a book signing on Friday afternoon from ~4:30-5:30, directly after the NQC Music Awards and before the evening’s mainstage program commences. (The Kingdom Heirs’ booth is among the easiest to find at NQC; enter the exhibit hall from Freedom Hall, and the booth is on your left.)

UPDATE: The latest information on how to obtain copies of the book is here:ย /books

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  1. Daniel, will you be participating in the book signing as week?

    • *As “well,” not as “week.” Apologies.

    • Yes, I do plan to be there – I figure that maybe a few of this site’s readers might like me to also sign their copies. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I also know that this is her story and the spotlight needs to be squarely on her!

      Since I’m probably going to be in the background somewhere, here’s what I look like: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/about

      • Have you been practicing your autograph?

      • Once a month, on the rent check!

  2. I’m torn between getting the Kindle copy and the paper back!! I’ll probably end up going with the paperback because I really would like to have the autographs!! (notice the plural, DM?!?!)

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ I probably wouldn’t have except that you pointed it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am headed to NQC on Sunday. I am worried about not being able to find my favorite group’s tables. Do you think it’ll be a problem. It is good to know where the Kingdom Heirs table is

    • Just buy one of the $5 program books – it comes with a booth list.

    • The program books are worth their weight on gold if for no other reason minute-by-minute talent line-up as the centerfold. For anyone wanting to juggle the exhibit all (which is massive, literally) and the evening concert, purchasing the program is the only way to do that successfully.

  4. How long will you plan to be at NQC Daniel? Just wondering that’s all.

  5. Hey Daniel. One more NQC question. PS I am looking forwrad to getting the book but I won’t be there friday. Are the major groups booths open during the afternoon showcases or just during the evening concert?

    • They’re open from 4pm-on. You should be able to get the book at the Kingdom Heirs booth all week long.