Andy King replaces Joe Lane with Dove Brothers Band

Andy KingDove Brothers pianist Joe Lane is coming off the road after persistent back problems forced him to schedule an upcoming back surgery. He will be replaced by Andy King of Wilmington, NC. The official announcement on the Dove Brothers’ website states:

We are sad to announce that Joe Lane will no longer be with the Dove Brothers Band. He will be having back surgury soon, and we will really miss him. Please keep Joe in your prayers for a quick recovery. 

We welcome Andy King as our new pianist. Andy plays several instruments well, and is a great singer and arranger. He is from Wilmington, NC, please click on Andy’s name under About Us and get aquainted with him. I know you will enjoy his talent the next time you see the Dove Brothers Band.

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  1. I thought this site was for southern
    gospel groups only?

    • I’m under the impression that they are still doing mostly Southern Gospel, with a few other songs mixed in.

      • No comment….

      • Oh, come on. 🙂

    • As far as I know, they are still a Southern Gospel Quartet.

  2. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. When the Dove Brothers sing the Randy Travis hit, Forever & Ever Amen, they are considered a country act, but when Jeff & Sheri Easter record it, they are able to remain Southern Gospel?
    Dove Brothers sing Long Black Train and they’ve ‘gone country’, but Karen Peck & New River sings “I can see clearly now” and nobody says a word.

    I’m not defending the Dove Brothers doing secular music, but keep in mind that the songs that they are doing are all positive/family oriented type songs. No different than what a LOT of Southern Gospel acts have recorded, but because SG fans don’t know that they are country songs, it makes them okay?

    Dove Brothers sing the Statler Brothers song “More than a name on a wall”, which I see nothing wrong with that song, but when the Talleys or Isaacs pull out a positive, non SG song, nobody has a thing to say. If it’s the band and the secular sound itself…Jason Crabb has a band and a secular appeal does he not?

    Me personally…I preferred when they did more traditional music, but I do enjoy “I Still Recall” & “Hold On”. Also, keep in mind, that they’ve not recorded any of these positive country songs, like several SG acts have!

    In conclusion…when the Oak Ridge Boys went country, lots of the SG crowd (artists included) had plenty bad to say about them. But after they succeeded and became stars, these same SG fans & artists all wanted to be their friends! So if the Dove Brothers sing “Forever & Ever Amen” at a fair, then come to a church and sing “One Day at A time”, it’s a tragedy? But when the Oak Ridge Boys go to a fair and sing “Trying to love to women”, then put out a new Gospel cd every few years on Gaither’s label, we flock to the stores to buy it? (I’m a huge Oak Ridge Boys fan by the way)

    This isn’t necessarily a response to any comments here, only to some that I’ve read in various places about the Dove Brothers through this past year. I’ve talked with McCray, he is NOT going country. He’s doing some fair dates and including positive only songs in their program. But come to think about it, if he were to overnight be a country superstar, then all the SG fans and artists would be wanting to be his buddy.

    • I had suspected that they were not going to go all-out country. They’ve built enough of a fan base with what they do that it wouldn’t make sense to drop it altogether, even if they do add some secular songs in with what they’re already doing.

      Also, they’ve been recording songs that are country-related for a number of years now. Take, over their last three mainlines, “A Day in the Life of America,” “Unstoppable,” and “A Little Good News.” So it’s not like the fact that they would actually sing them on stage should come as a surprise to anyone who has been following their albums for the last four or five years. 🙂

    • Thank you Stewart!!! I’ve been saying the same thing for the past year!

    • Yes, Thank you, Stewart!

  3. Thanks Stewart. You saved me the trouble of a 1000 word post.

    • Joe…hope you get your back fixed soon and hope to see you on the road again soon!

  4. So will the Dove’s be at the Memphis Quartet Show next summer?

  5. I believe Jim Hamill said it best!

  6. Yes

    • If I could afford them, I’d have the Oak Ridge Boys come sing. And if they were still traveling, I’d have the Statler Brothers there too.

  7. I would like to say I’m gonna miss Joe he’s a good friend has been for over 25 years! We will be praying for Joe and ask that you will do the same! We are excited about Andy King coming on board he is a talent no doubt! We will be at the Quartet Show ! We are excited about what the Dove Brothers Band is doing !

    I really don’t know what promoter Paul motives are but he has the right to voice his opinion ! Are we country? Yes! Are we Sounthern? Are we Gospel? Yes! Are we Christians? Yes! Are we Entertainers? Yes! Are we still a quartet? Yes! So Promoter Paul if you have a problem with Dove Brothers Band I’m sorry you feel that way. But you have enough quartets to choose from that should be able to be what you want them to be.

    If Daniel feels that the Dove Brothers Band shouldn’t be on his blog I understand. We are just doing what we feel is right and most important what we feel God wants us to do!

    • Well, McCray, when it came down to it, I decided to put this news story about the Dove Brothers on the blog, and then I came on here in the comments and defended my decision. 🙂

    • McCray, thanks for your post! And, by the way, would love to have back in Shelby OH sometime.

    • And keep doing what you do! We need some innovation in this industry.. It took 30 years for people to realize the Oaks made the right decision.. Of course, people still whine about it to this day! Lol! Hey, if all quartets were the same, we wouldnt need more than one!

  8. Stweart, very well put! nothing can be added to that statement!
    Btw.. I wish you could afford to bring in the Oaks and the Statlers:) Excited about Memphis, wish it were sooner!!!

  9. Thanks Daniel! The rumors or what ever you want to call it has really been started by other Artist! When they tell folks the Dove Brothers are going Country that’s all they say! They don’t tell the whole thing! They don’t say that the Dove Brothers sing positive Country and Southern Gospel ! They just say that the Dove Brothers have gone Country! So fans take it as the the whole story and that’s what you hear the Dove Brothers have done gone country! So I just go with the flow and keep on singing!!!! I know what we are doing and we are taking Sounthern Gospel in venues that we have never been able to take it before and we give God all the praise!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re welcome!

      I don’t see what you’re doing as being substantially different as what, say, Doyle Lawson does, and I cover Doyle, too.

    • No matter what kind of business that you are building, it is the competition that put obstacles in the way of building a business.
      Evangelical Christians never tell a lie, they do not tell the whole story, or what is worst, add to the story.
      This year will see southern gospel artists singing in more than 150 secular fairs and festivals around the country.
      You got to have some knowledge and discernment to sing gospel in secular venues!
      In the past, some groups request that they would not be placed in certain tents or on stage for obvious resons oif sponsorships.

    • Amen! McCray!

  10. Thats what I thought Daniel but I guess we are different! Lol

    • Well, I guess technically, you have drums, an electric guitar, and a piano player instead of a mandolin, dobro, and banjo. 🙂

  11. I will miss traveling with them guys terribly. We had a lot of fun together and more fun than any group I had traveled with before. No offense to the other ones because I had a good time with them. Devin Dove took this old guy and brought life into me musically. He’s a great kid and a beast when it comes to playing drums. None no better. I love all of them like brothers. You guys be sure to go out and meet Andy. I’ve spoke to him and he is a brilliant musician and is a great asset to the Dove Brothers. Very nice person!

    McCray thank you and the guys for the very kind words and I am eternally grateful for the prayers. Do pray for my wife and kids because they have to put up with me at home for the next few weeks. LOL

    Love in Christ

    • Wow! Nice message, Joe!

    • Will miss seeing you. Your lovely wife is definitely in my prayers!!!

  12. If any of you all see the Dove Brothers in the next few weeks here is a question you can asked them or I’ll put it in a mathmatic formula.

    Chocolate Shake = what.

  13. Always enjoyed hearing the Dove Brothers while I was living in Greenville, NC. [edit]

  14. I would have commented muck like Stewart had I gotten here first so I will just add a few mentions. Singing in The Sun had a country artist perform and preach at their yearly event in Myrtle Beach S.C. Triumphant Quartet covered an Oak Ridge Boys tune that was aired regularly on gospel stations across the country. The Hinson Family were considered country gospel. Guy Penrod did a country project shortly after departing the GVB. George Jones and Vestal sang together so where is the line in the sand that forbids blogging an artist or group?

    • In my case, that line in the sand is level of interest and relevance to my readers.

    • Dale, I just want to add to your comment for the benefit of others. The Oak Ridge Boys song you refer to, “Everyday” was also covered by the Masters V, yet no one questioned the Southern Gospel credentials of Jake, Hovie, James, and J.D.

      • Anybody remember the Thrasher Brothers? They were HUGE in the early 1970’s, easily a top 5 quartet. They had Jerry Goff, twin trumpets, the hilariuos Buddy, and a great television show. Everything was fine until they tried going country. I believe they would up being a one hit wonder and we lost a fabulous quartet. I wish they would replace the deseased John Gresham and hit the road again, even with a limited schedule. To me, they are the most overlooked quartet of the past.

  15. For those who don’t know the song “Trying To Love Two Women”, it is actually a song telling the bad points of doing so. So, it doesn’t glorify it at all. I also want to say that the Oaks put in safeguards before they went country to refuse songs they didn’t want to sing lyrically. First they asked that a line be changed in the song “Y’all Come Back Saloon” (what turned out to be their first single as country artists) because they thought it was in poor taste (the line was something to the effect of lifting up their glasses in tithes and offerings…it ended up being changed to “Lifting high his glass in honor of the lady and her song”. Another example is the song “A Little More Like Me (The Crucifixion}” which is a great tune that is about a modern day version of the crucifixion of Christ. The original version said “The way we all got drunk last night it’s a wonder we got home” and it was changed to “got down” on the Oaks’ version.
    The Oaks have purposely avoided doing drinking and cheating songs and the like even though those were sort of a staple in country music. They stick with positive songs and even if they sing about things you wouldn’t hear about in SG, they don’t glorify them (i.e. “Trying To Love Two Women” ).

    People are correct that the Oaks were really talked badly about when they crossed over (and sometimes still are), but it is funny to see how many people are influenced by them now, have become friends with, or are trying to hope their success rubs off on them).
    Ernie Haase has called the Oaks prayer warriors, they have taken time to help out SG people career-wise, prayer-wise, and done good deeds for their neighbors as well as charities. People like Ernie, Michael English and Jason Crabb are friends.

    Besides the fact that singing clean songs for people isn’t sinful (would we expect plumbers to only fix the toilets of Christians), those who are Christian and sing at least some gospel in their sets and on their albums (Oaks, Gatlins, . Statlers, Ricky Skaggs, etc. can reach people others cannot because they go outside of churches and into the mission field elsewhere). Okay, I am done for now. 🙂

    • Blurring the lines. Sg keeps getting so close the edge its going to fall. But I am afraid it already has. There should be a difference. Maybe with some groups there is, but in general its not. You don’t win them over by being like them, but being different and making a stand. [edit]

      Bottom line-who are we foolin, and who are we hurting. Be not conformed to this world-that’s what the book said, and i ain’t arguing with what the book said, as my preacher says, take it up with him.

      • David – I agree with some of the things you said; however, some of them are also more critical than would fall within this site’s guidelines. So I can only approve/put part of the comment up.

      • If you look in the Bible, there are some things adjusted to be like certain cultures. The thing is not to do wrong to win them. So, preferences and certain non-morality things don’t matter. For instance, I don’t really think God cares for the style of music per se. We do. I prefer SG overall to even other genres I like at least some of (CCM, P&W, Country, rock), but utilizing another style isn’t morally wrong in my view. The lyrics are what matter. One could take the notion about not conforming to the world to the extreme that we would wear robes, and do NOTHING like the rest of the world. Of course that is ludicrous.

      • Just exactly which style or type of music does God prefer? Is it Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock, Christian Heavy Metal, Black Gospel, Praise and Worship? This could go on and on, but I think the really the most inportant thing about a Christian Musician or Singer has more to do with his or her heart for God and their motivation behind what they do. As much qs I love Southern Gospel Im not gonna make the assumption that all in Southern Gospel are in it for the right reason. Nor would I look with suspition at someone who pefers a different style than I do.

      • I think there are actually two incredibly important things. First off, it’s important that their heart be right with God. But for the purposes of the end product, I believe that it is as important that their heart being right with God is reflected in music that comes out reflecting a Biblical worldview.

      • But that leaves the question. Which style reflects a Christian World view?

  16. You either like something or you don’t ! You believe in something or you don’t ! I like old cars but you can’t walk on any car lot and buy one!

  17. Being Godly is just that being Godly. God does not get any glory out of a group like (could name quite a few) singing Elvira, (my hearts on fire for elvira) from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, evil communications corrupt good manners. What did James say about the tongue, a little member setteth the world on fire. Quartetman a Quartet said it real good in one of there songs refering to the bible-Check it out.


    i understand you have put up guidelines for this forum, i realize also it’s not going to get settled here, but if we generalize everything then that’s all we have is generalizations. Like I said, the lines are blurry. As A whole we want to put our own interpretation on what the word says, that’s where the blurriness comes in. Take The Bible as A Statement of fact. God made the christian to be different, not to conform. Southern Gospel and it’s standards are not what it once was.

    thank you


  18. There’s one thing I’ll never understand about the views of people in today’s christian music industry and or some of the fan base? First of all this was a news release telling about brother Andy King taking the piano player position with the Dove Brothers because of me having to get off the road because of my back being a mess. There were two reasons McCray put this bit of news out and one was to request prayer for my back issues and the second one to introduce Andy King who is a very fine person, to the industry and to let people know to come meet him at the concerts. Did anyone read the article or just automatically assume since they saw the Dove Brothers name think wow lets talk about country music and how right or wrong people are ? Sorry Daniel about my negativity here but I just couldn’t help it. I read the news release twice now and I’ve decided that I would pray for me and go out and meet Andy at one of the concerts. Geeze.

    • Amen Joe!

  19. I need to correct one thing and that is the views I’m referring to are not the majority of people or fan base just a very very small percentage like maybe 1% at most.

  20. MODERATOR’S NOTE: There has been enough discussion in this thread about the merits of Christians singing secular music; any further will be deemed off-topic. Please move any further discussion of the topic to a Saturday News Roundup open thread.