NQC 2012: Live Blog coming tonight

This year, I will only be on site at Louisville for one day, Friday, for the Dianne Wilkinson book signing (4:30-5:30 at the Kingdom Heirs’ booth). For the rest of the week—Monday through Thursday, and Saturday—I plan to live-blog the evening’s festivities via the live video stream. The comments section each night will be somewhat of a NQC open thread, so if you’re also watching the live stream, or if you’re there in person and have Internet access on your smartphone or tablet, plan on joining the discussion each evening!

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  1. Great to hear! I probably won’t be live blogging, but instead doing a nightly wrap up.

    I’ve purchased the webcast, but have had trouble logging in from my iPad. Hopefully the company responds to my email before tonight with the issue resolved.

    I do have a laptop, but would prefer to not use it. If anyone else is on my same situation or has a solution, please let me know!

    • Maybe it’s flash-based, and Apple’s anti-flash crusade strikes again?

      • After typing that post, I checked my email, and there was a response there saying exactly that. Bummer!

      • Too bad!

        Yes, Apple is winning its anti-Flash crusade … at the expense of its customers!

  2. There seems to be a problem with folks trying to purchase the webcast. I tried to purchase it yesterday and it would not accept a card or paypal. I saw some reports by other people on Facebook that they are having the same problems.

    Any other readers having trouble this year with the web stream?

    Looking forward to your coverage of the event!

    • I bought it yesterday. PayPal was not working for me, so I put in a card directly and successfully completed my transaction. I probably waited two minutes – or at least it felt like it – waiting for the spinning wheel to complete the transaction.

      FYI, I was using the current version Google Chrome, which has Flash built in and sandboxed.

      You can always contact tech support. Even if they aren’t absolutely instantaneous with their responses, I’ve heard of several other people who did get helpful replies from them.

  3. My prediction for a highlight of the week will be Scott Inman, Triumph Quartet, singing “Only God Knows”. He sang this song at Fair Haven Church last night. The words, his personal situation with their new child, and how beautifully he sung it made for a great moment.

    There is a version of it here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CF-8i4kCMXk

  4. Anyone else not able to log onto natqc.com to get to webcast. Could it be caused by the godaddy.com hacking?

  5. got it…nevermind