Dating LeFevre’s “Songs of Happiness” LP

I recently picked up the LeFevre’s Songs of Happiness LP at a local thrift store. The liner notes say that it was the group’s first LP. Rex Nelon is on the project, and it says he joined the group in September 1957.

It also says the group had been touring for 33 years and indicates they started counting in 1925, which would place the album circa 1958. Can anyone confirm this?

Songs of Happiness is a very solid recording, featuring, among other songs, “The Old Gospel Ship” and “Lord Carry Me Home” (recently recorded by the Perrys as “Come and Get Me”).

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  1. I have about 3 copies of this album, but this is the first I’ve heard of this possibly being their first ever.

  2. I have it as 1958 in my database.

  3. That album has been released on at least three different labels with three different covers. I have versions on Bibletone, Canaan, and SING and I’ve been told that it was also issued on Stateswood. The Bibletone is the earliest version and probably the rarest version, too.

    An interesting fact about this album is that the LeFevres went into the studios and re-recorded it in the early 1960s with their then-current personnel. They sold this album for $1.98 in order to compete with the newly reissued Canaan version of that album which they refused to carry on their product table.

    One final comment: Rex Nelon left the LeFevres for a few months in 1958. During this time, Jimmy Jones moved from baritone to bass. Rex returned to the group several months later.

  4. Thanks!

  5. This is one of my favorite albums. It personifies everything that I love about the LeFevres. Great singing, lighthearted and heartfelt tunes, and great musicianship.