NQC 2012 Music Awards: Live Blog

Hello from Daniel’s Siblings! We are covering for Daniel who is on site at the convention…he may add comments after he has internet access again!  The NQC Music Awards are scheduled to start at 2:30 P.M. (as far as we know) and we plan to post updates as the winners are announced!

  •  The first award of the afternoon went to Dianne Wilkinson…the Songwriter of the Year!

Triumphant Quartet sang their nominated song “Saved by Grace”

  • Kim Collingsworth took home the Musician of the Year award! Presenter Dean Hopper asked Kim to play a song, which was “My Tribute.” Standing ovation before the end of the song!
  • Alto of the year went to…Sheri Easter!

Greater Vision sang their top 11 nominated song “I Know a Man Who Can” (There are 11 top ten nominated songs! 🙂

  • Kim Hopper wins another Soprano award!

Gaither Vocal Band sang “Please Forgive Me”

  • Lead Singer of the year: Ronnie Booth!

Jason Crabb was “on a plane headed to Texas” but a video was shown of him singing his top nominated song “Who Am I”

  • The Les Beasley Impact Award went to EnLighten Radio (This award was determined by the SGMG.) No one from Enlighten Radio was there to accept the award, so Les Beasley accepted the award for them “On Behalf of Enlighten Radio, I accept this award!”
  • Triumphant Quartet’s Eric Bennett won the Bass of the Award!

The Mark Trammell Quartet sang “I Want to Know” (featuring Pat Barker–and he did not pay us to say that).  Crowds generally like this song and are on their feet by the reprise, and this crowd was no exception!

  • Favorite Baritone: Jim Brady of the Booth Brothers

Legacy Five sang their nominated song “Ask Me Why”

  • David Phelps took home the Tenor of the year award!

The Perrys sang “Blue Skies Coming”

  • Soloist: Jason Crabb! He gave a thank you speech via a pre-recorded video. His sisters Kelly and Terah accepted the award for him.
  • The Favorite Album award went to The Perrys for the album Celebrate Me Home (Oak Tree)!

 The Booth Brothers sang their song “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name”

  • Producer/Arranger of the year award went to Lari Goss!
  • Concert Promoter of the year award went to Bill Gaither!
  • Radio Station of the Year: WBOZ-Nashville

Kingdom Heirs sang their nominated song “Tell Me Why”

  • The Collingsworth Family won Mixed Group the year!

Triumphant sang their second top 10 song “Almost Home.” If anyone had dozed off they surely awoke with this song–the crowd was on their feet by the end!

  • THE Song of the year was “I Know a Man Who Can” by Greater Vision
  • Male Group of the year went to the Booth Brothers

The show was closed by Karen Peck & New River (and other winners and presenters) singing “Reach Out and Touch”

We thought it was neat that Mrs. Dianne Wilkinson won the first NQC Music Award at their first show!  We also liked that the presenters were husband-wife duos–it was nice and also payed tribute to the families who have influenced and been active in Southern Gospel!

For everyone at the NQC, Dianne Wilkinson (2012 winner of the Songwriter of the year award!) will be at the Kingdom Heirs booth shortly to sign copies of her new autobiography! When you go get your copy, say “Hi” to Daniel for us and ask him if we did a good job or if we are fired!–Daniel’s Siblings



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  1. Comment from Daniel’s Mama: This is neat–kinda different!

  2. Yeah! Congratulations, Miss Dianne! 🙂

    We are looking forward to reading your live blog thoughts, Daniel’s Siblings! 😀


  3. Congratulations to EnLighten. Well deserved!

  4. I’m not just happy, I’m impressed! Great work!

  5. What were the 11 top ten nominated songs?

    • Song of the Year Nominees:

      “Almost Home” – Triumphant Quartet

      “Ask Me Why” – Legacy Five

      “Blue Skies Coming” – The Perrys

      “I Believe” – Brian Free & Assurance

      “I Know a Man Who Can” – Greater Vision

      “I Want to Know” – Mark Trammell Quartet

      “Please Forgive Me” – Gaither Vocal Band

      “Saved By Grace” – Triumphant Quartet

      “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name” – Booth Brothers

      “Tell Me Why” – The Kingdom Heirs

      “Who Am I” – Jason Crabb

  6. This was our second year and it was better than the first. We are hooked.