NQC 2012, Day 5: Live Blog

Notes and comments from Daniel’s Siblings:

Are we just missing something, or are they not having Compassion International ad segments this year?

The Christmas segment started the same as last year, so we think we’ll call it a night!

11:15: Hoppers. They kicked off with “Jerusalem.” We are still not used to Mike’s new hair color, but he sure is burning calories playing the drums! On a reprise of “I’ve Come to Far to Look Back,” Connie called Taranda Greene up to sing a harmony part with Dean and Kim Hopper. “Something’s Happening” included six vocalists, and seemingly five parts–Taranda Greene sang a part above Kim Hopper!!! Their set concluded with “I Wanna Hear the Angels”

10:50: Mark Trammell Quartet. They sang “Too Much to Gain to Lose” in honor of Ray Flynn, a promoter who is “King of the Carolinas” and is recovering from cancer surgery that the doctors report was successful. “I’m Standing on the Solid Rock” was encored and received a standing ovation. They concluded their set with the “Golden City Tour Medley.” According to the NQC schedule, this is MTQ’s last performance of the week, so we assume it is also Dustin Sweatman’s last, since he was shortly going to be the Choir Program Director for a university. We will miss you, Dustin. God bless you in your new position!

10:15: Triumphant. Scotty talked about his daughter Embry who spent the first week of her life in ICU. She is now doing better and at home. Scotty sang [“Only God Knows Why”?] a cappella, saying it was a song that ministered to them in this crisis. This was a very moving moment. On the next song the hankies came out!

9:54: Crists. Is Breana’s hair a wig or hat or real hair? We’ve never seen such a color!  (They are singing “O Happy Day” but we are distracted!)

9:27: Bill Gaither & Friends segment. How will they need to revise their Presidential Cabinet joke now that Gordon Mote doesn’t travel with them anymore? Well, Mr. Gaither is thinking of adding Gerald Wolfe to the cabinet, and Kevin Williams recommends him for Director of Commerce, “If anyone can balance a budget it’s him.”  Sisters had the first segment of “Bill Gaither and Friends”  and started with an excellent a capella rendition of “For Thou, O Lord, Art a Shield for Me.”

After some technical difficulties the Isaacs took the second segment of Gaither and Friends. Their drummer, Nathan Fauscett, sits on and bangs a box type drum is nicknamed “spicket” according to Sonya. On “The Three Bells” (aka “Little Jimmy Brown”), Bill Gaither came up and joined them. “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” strikes home with many in an audience and seemed to be well received at NQC also. The Isaacs segment closed with an a capella rendition of “I Will Praise Him.”

The Booth Brothers sang, “Played in a Band” at the special request of Bill Gaither.

The Nelons, and the Gaither Vocal Band completed the segment. Towards the end Bill Gaither officially announced to the NQC that he had hired Matthew Holt as the pianist. He said that Tracy and Libbi [Stuffle] highly recommended him!

7:25: Perrys. They started their segment with “Everywhere I Go”. Joseph Habedank was not there for the beginning of the song. We were trying to figure out why they sounded so different. Toward the end of the song, he came bounding up the stairs completing their sound. (The set had been started early.) Their next song was “Celebrate Me Home.” On the screen they showed pictures of Southern Gospel Heroes who have already gone Home.  Tracy introduced “When He Spoke to Me” by saying that many people including lead Joseph Habedank had been requesting they cut this song.

6:44: Dixie Echoes. There are three new members of the Dixie Echoes since the last NQC, but the quartet still has that trademark “Dixie Echoes” sound, singing around two microphones. Randy gave his usual speech about folks only wanting to hear the tenor and bass, so after being in the quartet 43 years, he found something unique–guitar features. He proceeded to play “Happy Rhythm.”  The crowd did seem to really like it! Bass Jordan James was featured on “Roll On Jordan.” They closed their set with “Little is Much.”

6:20: Tribute Quartet. “Good News from Jerusalem” seems destined to become a hit–maybe even a signature song for Josh Singletary. He really gets into the song communicating and demonstrating with hand gestures–we particularly like the one for “called.”  “The Song Heaven” features a wonderful tight blend. It was encored with the audience singing another chorus with the group. They closed their set with “Homesick Angel.”

5:49: Triumphant. “Saved By Grace” kicked the night’s festivities off! It’s a great song to get the crowd in the mood for the continued excellent singing of the night!

5:47: Omega. Showcase winners Omega was joined by the Kingdom Heir’s Jeff Chapman for their rendition of “No Bones About it”

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  1. Daniel, how was Dianne Wilkinson’s book signing today? I’ll bet you all had a bunch of people.

    • Thanks! It went really well. There were people coming and going pretty much the whole hour. There was even a funny moment when Arthur Rice went out into the hallway and started waving copies and calling out to passersby to not miss the incredible opportunity! I wish I had that on video, since it’s so different from what I normally expect from his personality! 🙂

  2. Got to say with all the heavy hitters the pfiefers to me sounded great. Glad to hear new music from them. The song “hallelujah” was fantastic. Surprisingly looking forward to getting this new recording.

  3. Does anyone think Taranda is just with the Hoppers for the night, or will we expect to see her more? Either way it is interesting!

    • The Collingsworth Family are such a breath of fresh air. It seems that you don’t have to hold your breath wondering what’s going to happen and what they are going to look like! With quartets, there is only so much a man can do to be “out there” but it seems that this week with the mixed groups, with the females, there have been no limits! As a female, at a couple moments, it’s been almost embarrassing at moments to even watch with my family. With the Collingsworths, their clothes are appropriate and modest , their hair always looks beautiful (and natural) and they are always an act of nothing less than first class.

      • Oh, there are certainly men in other genres who are “out there,” with skinny jeans, no shirts, and other such nonsense. But in a genre where the dress code is pretty much suits and ties, there’s not much that is usually done within those confines to be immodest. 🙂

    • I imagine it’s just for the night, for the time being.

    • I do not know for sure, but I would be watching the live feed if at all possible when the Hoppers take the stage this evening!

  4. Great, great job! I will add that I think it was really cool that Promise and the Mylon Hayes Family both got selected as showcase spotlight winners, to be featured on the main stage at the start of the show!

  5. Just curious, do you know what the Vocal Band sang?

    • The one that really stuck out in my memory, from what I heard over the live feed in the exhibit hall, was their (close to) closing number, “Glorious Freedom.”

    • “One Voice” “Where No One Stands Alone” “Wrasslin’ Jacob” “I Catch ‘Em, God Cleans ‘Em” “The Love of God (is greater far)” “Glorious Freedom” “Winds of this World” “Sow Mercy”

  6. I think TaRanda is appearing everywhere w/everyone to get her name out there. Interesting new look, by the way! She’s gone from being a blonde to a brunette. At least last post I saw of her. You all do realize TaRanda’s a single mom, now, and she has those girls to raise by herself. I pray for that family! I’m glad TaRanda is getting to do what she loves to do.

    • I’m glad she’s getting out there, too. I am impressed with the graciousness the Hopper family has shown to her. I was just thinking not a lot of people have in-laws (Kim) that would welcome them with such loving and open arms on the stage as they have. They’ve all gone up another notch in my book!

      • Kim has talked for years about how much she loves TaRanda and her singing. In fact, one year, when accepting the SN Fan Award for favorite soprano, she all but told the audience to vote for TaRanda next year!

    • We do know that. And we really liked the blend and the extra part! It was interesting to see and hear!