Registering for SoundExchange

SoundExchange is a performing rights association, comparable to BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC, but for artists and their record labels. They collect royalties from┬ásatellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), Internet radio (like Pandora), cable TV music channels, and music played in business establishments. That’s pretty much anywhere music is played except broadcast radio, which does pay songwriters but is currently exempt from paying any royalties to artists or record companies.

If you are an artist or a record company with music played in any of these outlets, SoundExchange offers an online database you can search to see if they have any money for you. Within the genre of Southern Gospel alone, royalties can range from pennies to thousands of dollars (if your music gets major airplay on satellite and internet radio outlets).

An intellectual property blog written by an intellectual property lawyer recently posted that it is worth registering with SoundExchange and seeing if you have any unclaimed money soon, because, according to this site, monies over three years old not claimed by October 15th may be forfeited.

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  1. This is an excellent company. I’ve been singing its praises for years!

  2. That’s very neat. I’ve found several artists from my area, so I contacted them with a link to the site.

    • You’re doing the hard part! Good for you!