Saturday News Roundup #138

Worth Knowing

  • Crossroads is offering a free song (“The Song of Heaven”) from Tribute Quartet’s new album, Our Anthem, here. (This is only available through the end of the weekend.)
  • has posted an in-depth, sixteen-minute video interview with new Homecoming pianist Matthew Holt.
  • Jason Crabb will be jointly headlining a Christmas tour with CCM legend Sandi Patty.

Worth Watching

Legacy Five’s new bass singer, Matt Fouch, won high praise for his rendition of “We Shall See Jesus” at last week’s National Quartet Convention. Here is a video of him singing the song right before NQC week:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Hi Daniel. I value your opinion so I’ll ask this. How many cds of a group does a person need to have to be a serious fan. Also do you think multiple copies of the same cd is necessary?

    • There are two levels of seriousness:

      (1) a copy of all CDs in print, and

      (2) a copy of all CDs/LPs/tapes/8-tracks in and out of print

      • Good criteria!

      • Thanks! 🙂

  2. Once again Scott F.has struck gold in the choice of Matt Fouch.

  3. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at NQC. I wanted to. I did get to meet Diane Wilkinson on Wednesday. Very sweet lady.

    • Sorry – not knowing what you looked like, I didn’t know to look for you.

  4. Well I left on thursday. I can text you some pictures of me with some various singers.

    • I don’t use a cell phone. 🙂

      • I figured you’d find amusement at the apparent oxymoron of “texting a picture”. 🙂

  5. Since this is open thread, I will ask if you have seen the movie “Bernie”, particularly the scene where he sings along with the Florida Boys? Jack Black actually does a pretty good job with the song and there were several other songs in the movie that we can all sing along with.

    • I haven’t, but I’m sure others who read have. I just can’t bring myself to sit still for two hours! Before that time is up, I’ll surely have thought of something else, writing or otherwise, that I could be doing!