Sony’s Thoughts: God Has a Plan

This has been an interesting week. Not the one I would have chosen but I’m grateful when, during a difficult time, I can still see God’s hand at work. Mom and I are traveling and, to make a long story short, our car is in the shop out of state. Thankfully we did not have a seminar scheduled that evening but we had to keep heading to our next destination in order to not cancel our appointment yesterday. The first rental place was out of cars so we went to the next which only had two cars left. We chose one, loaded our books and luggage from our car to the rental and hit the road.

At one point, as we were in the mechanic’s waiting room, I felt like crying. I’d wanted to be at our next destination, putting my feet up and reading or catching up on emails. That wasn’t God’s plan, however, and I kept praying to find joy in the situation. As He always does, God brought songs and Scripture to mind to help remind me that He is in control.

I confess I still don’t know what God’s plan is but I know He has one. I pray that I will be faithful to trust Him and rejoice in Him even when things don’t go my way. I still don’t know how God is going to work everything out with our schedule this next week but I know He will do so. He is a faithful God, and I praise Him for that.

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