Video: Jason Crabb with GVB

When Bill Gaither announced that Guy Penrod would be taking a sabbatical, he said three singers would be filling in: Mark Lowry, David Phelps, and Jason Crabb. After a weekend or two each with Lowry and Phelps, this past weekend was Jason Crabb’s first with the group.

Here’s today’s must see video of the day: Jason Crabb and the Vocal Band singing “Worthy the Lamb.”

So, after hearing this, could you picture a Gaither Vocal Band with Crabb on lead?

Sounds like he passed the inspection of the Family Fest crowd, with a standing ovation after his verse.

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  1. I really enjoyed the video. I think Jason was great as a fill in and he gives the excitement of having someone that isn’t normally in that position, but I just can’t see Jason as a permanent member of the band.

  2. Wow, that was amazing! I’m surprised actually that Jason Crabb could blend with them as well as he did, as his voice is so incredibly distinctive.

    I’m agreeing with Diana above me. I can’t see him as a permanent member of the group. Mostly for the same reason that I like the current group more than when David Phelps was with them. I absolutely love David and Jason, but they have such powerhouse voices and they’re so distinctive, they naturally the forefront of the group. But with the current lineup, no one stands out quite like that and makes it more of a real vocal group, fluid and blended well.

    Guy Penrod likely will not be around forever, but since he’s been with the Vocal Band for so long, regardless of who fills in for him, it’s very difficult to imagine the Vocal Band without him.

  3. wow! I knew that Jason would tear it up, but that blew me away. What a great song, and Jason added his own touch to it.

  4. I’m agreeing with Meagan and Diana. Jason did a really awesome job. (Boy oh boy does he have a powerful voice!!) But I really, really can’t see him as a permanent quartet man—esp. with he GVB. I don’t know I just don’t think it would work….
    Could anyone REALLY replace Guy???

  5. So, what is really going on with Guy? REad somewhere else that something is really going on and that he could be off for some time.
    I sure hope it is not major health problems.

  6. From what I’ve heard, his voice is fine and there are no major health problems involved.

  7. I agree w/ Martha and JB, I don’t think the GVB would be the GVB w/out Guy, even if others sound great. I also agree w/ Megan, David and Jason are too distinct to see permanent quartet members…
    I think it’s interesting that GVB is filling in a lead part with baritones and tenors…

  8. Very true, Casey. Although, there aren’t a whole lot of lead singers in the current Gaither Homecoming group that aren’t already with a group of there own.

  9. I was there for the “Gaitherfest”. Unfortuneatly, I didn’t stay for the Friday night part with the GVB. I was, however, there for Saturday night when the entire homecoming crowd was on stage. Jason Crabb took the lead on “I bowed on my knees”. The part where he sings “I said Timothy….I want to see Jesus”… There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole place. You could see Kim Collingsworth on stage just trying to wipe the tears away. It was an unforgettable moment.
    I go back and forth on the GVB because they are just a tinge too contemporary for my tastes. I like the GVB back when it was just started and it was much more Traditional SG. I think Guy is a great singer, but I think, like every other member of the group, its his time to go….and take his oversized belt buckle too :). For a standin, I’ll have to say Jason was a great replacement. I’m not big on the Crabbs either, but he did a GREAT JOB.

  10. Unlike most of the respondees on this post I gotta say the idea of Jason Crabb joining the GVB as a full-time replacement has my heart pumping, adrenaline flowing and makes me excited to hear it announced.

    This video shows what I always suspected; he fits in great with the GVB and we already knew he can sing the wheels off any song the same way Guy does. If Guy leaves, Jason is an ideal replacement.

    I’ve heard many comments that if Guy leaves, the GVB may as well shut down because no one can replace Guy. I wasn’t a fan of the GVB in the 90’s but I’m sure the same sort of comments were made about Michael English, and what happened? Guy came right along and replaced him. (Yes, I know Buddy Mullins filled in for a brief while, but we all know Guy was his true replacement).

    Guy is da man, but irreplaceable he is not, as this video clearly shows. Guy has had a great run with the GVB, and if it continues from here, great. But if Jason Crabb takes over, equally great if not greater.

  11. Guy isn’t just a singer ….. he is much much much more than that.

  12. Guy Penrod cannot be replaced! Guy has been w/ the Gaithers for a long time and I hope he is not gone for long [edited] The Gaithers has been going through a slump but they have picked up and repicked up some great singers. We miss you Guy.