Six-Year Anniversary Contest: Ideas celebrated our sixth full year of daily posts and began our seventh during NQC week earlier this month. As usual, we were too busy with NQC coverage to whip up any contests or other celebrations that week. Now that we’ve had time for the commotion to all die down, let’s do one!

There’s only one catch. We don’t have any great contest ideas this time around. Do any of you have an idea for a Southern Gospel-related contest that (a) isn’t particularly hard to set up logistically, and (b) is one that a high percentage of readers would be able to take part in? Of ideas that fit those criteria, we’ll pick the one that, in our judgment, is the most unique.

To the person with the best idea: There’s a prize for you, too! Even if you don’t win the contest you dreamed up, we’ll still give you a CD. We’ll send you a list of a couple of duplicate CDs we have in our collection, and you can pick one that you don’t already have.

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29 Letters to the Editor

Southern Gospel Journal welcomes letters to the editor. We will post the most thoughtful and insightful submissions. Ground rules: Don't attack or belittle groups or fellow posters, or advance heresies rejected by orthodox Christianity. Do keep comments positive, constructive, and on topic.
  1. Try a mystery artist audio clip. In stages, if possible, with correct people moving up to increasingly harder clips. A local SG station did a variation of this every day. It was very popular. Jammed their switchboard. They played the whole song.

    • That’s a cool idea! Steve Eaton does a contest like that on his site every year in August and September. If someone comes up with an idea that nobody else is doing, I’ll probably go for that idea, but if not, I’m sure this would be a contest everyone would greatly enjoy!

  2. How about a collection of silhouettes, much like your website banner? Most correct answers wins, the tiebreaker can be the year a particular picture was taken. Just a thought.

    • That’s a really cool idea! All of the pictures in my collection (and therefore that I have rights to use) would be within the last decade, but it’s always possible that I might be able to find a reader with older pictures.

  3. You should have a contest to come up with the best idea for a contest.

    What did I win?

  4. The winner of your contest gets their autobiography written by the talented author, Daniel J. Mount.
    Depending on who the winner is, that could be a best seller!

    • A year and a half of work, and thousands of dollars of investment into publishing it? Umm…there are only a few people on the planet I’d do that for! A few of them do read here, but I couldn’t guarantee that one of them would enter in the contest! 🙂

  5. how about a jeopardy style contest…..You present to us 10 questions and we give to you the answer in the form of a question. each answer worth different points….then have a tie-breaker question. use my idea and I will give you my bill gaither trio 1963 heartwarming recording of He Touched Me signed by all three singers to use as the grand prize.

    • Wow! That would be quite the prize!

      I’m sure I know enough trivia that I could come up with hard questions, but it could be tricky to find a balance between hard and too hard!

  6. Read the rules of the game “7 degrees of Kevin Bacon” and apply it to southern gospel music. For instance, come up with potentially 3-5 different current or former artists and list other artists, projects, or other affiliations this “Anonymous” person could be connected with. Make them tough. Creative idea but shouldn’t be hard to do considering that so many southern gospel folks have sung with so many other people or been affiliated with so many other people.

    • But would it be too easy? 🙂 Depending on what types of connections were accepted (i.e. performed at NQC the same year, label-mates, etc.), you could probably connect everyone in SG within three degrees of separation.

      On the flip side, it would be more challenging to present an open-ended challenge: Find two full-time, nationally known SG performers that can’t be connected with fewer than four degrees of separation. 🙂

      • That would be interesting…

    • In Southern Gospel music, that wouldn’t be a hard game to play… I don’t suspect. Everyone links to Gaither (or someone who is linked to Gaither). Gaither is Bacon. :-/

      • Maybe we write the rules so that there is an Elephant in the Room who doesn’t count. 🙂

      • You might have to define a whole herd of elephants that wouldn’t count. NQC would still tie everyone…

        Okay… use the Cathedrals. Name someone not connected by X number of degrees with the Cats.

      • Well, if I go with this contest, a herd of elephants it shall be! 🙂

      • Yes. A variation of that game would be interesting and fun for viewers. You got where I was coming from.

      • Cool. I do think it would be, especially with the elephant(s) in the room removed.

  7. Name someone not connected with one of the many Blackwood groups that have sang down through the years. That’d be harder than finding someone not somehow associated with the Cathedrals.
    Impossible? No, but hard!
    Even Big Cheif and George Younce filled in for them.

  8. Sorry, just realized that I was wrong. Cheif filled in after Bill Lyles’ death, afterwards George Younce would TRY OUT, before J.D. was hired. But George didn’t fill in during that time.

    • I was going to ask about that; I hadn’t ever heard of George filling in.

  9. The 7 Degrees idea would be fun, but not all that challenging. You could connect just about any SG individual to any other individual in SG with a few degrees.

    • Yes, but all afternoon, ideas for more challenging combinations have been popping into my mind. There’s also a twist which I’ve been brainstorming which will, I think, make it even more fun. Suffice to say that, while there are a number of great ideas here, I’m suspecting FNR’s will be the winner. 🙂

  10. You could fund a $25,000 sweepstakes.

    • No, I can’t! When was the last time you heard of someone who had been in Gospel Music for less than a decade having that kind of money to throw around? 🙂

  11. Friday Night Revival’s idea wins. Be watching for the contest tomorrow. 🙂

    Doug had a great idea, too, but I just don’t have the photo collection to make it feasible. Thanks to everyone else who submitted ideas!

  12. Not related but is reporting that Sherri Proctor, David Phelps’ sister, passed away today. Hate to hear that…will def be praying for the family.

    • This would ideally go into one of our open threads, but I’ll leave it up. I will be praying, too.