Saturday News Roundup #139

Worth Knowing

  • Scotty Inman posted an update on his daughter Embry’s health to his Facebook page: “Hey ALL! Some have asked for an update on Embry. She’s doing GREAT! She has 3 doctors visits in the next week to check her monitor, brain activity, etc. we can’t say THANK YOU enough for the continued prayers and concerns. God is good, no matter what!”
  • The Ball Brothers announced this week that their sound technician, Josh Gibson, is now engaged to Molly Clawson.

Worth Watching

Two videos jumped out this week. First, I went to see Revelation from Northern Ireland the night after NQC. Here’s a video filmed that night:

Second, we all first learned about Caleb Garms and the Garms Family with this video of Caleb singing with Legacy Five. Legacy Five’s annual visit to Minnesota was last weekend; he joined them again, this time on “Boundless Love”:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Kasey is Scott’s wife. His daughter’s name is Embry. I’m sure it was a brain slip! Ha!

    • Entirely true. Thanks for the catch! 🙂

  2. That was a fun night ! If any of ya’ll have the chance to see Legacy Five, don’t miss it!

    Thanks Daniel for posting; I didn’t think I would make Southern Gospel Blog! : D

    – Caleb for TGF

    • Might as well get used to being famous. 🙂

  3. I wondered how old Caleb was now. He is a very blessed young man–God has a call on this young man’s life. I’m glad when families raise their children in groups like this. Not only does it show how a “community” is suppose to work under the Holy Spirit’s leadership, but it provides discipline for these children that a lot of other kids don’t have. Home schoolers get this as well.

    • Thanks, Jane! We are amazed at Caleb’s growth (height) since he first sang with L5 two years ago. When you live together each day, it’s a little harder to see! 🙂

      We thank God for the work He has done and is doing in Caleb’s and our family’s life. We treasure these years and are so blessed to be “working” together for the Lord.

      -Mom for TGF

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  5. Oops, excuse me! I beleive I hit “enter” when I meant to hit “Tab”.
    Anyway………. I have a compilation CD , dated in the year 2000, called “The Florida Boys Southern Gospel Treasury Series”. On it is a VERY GOOD version of “Scars In The Hands Of Jesus”, and I thought it was Jerry Tramell leading.
    BUT, I go to, and see that the Flordia Boys recorded it in 1975 with Laddie Cain, and in 1982 with Don Thomas.
    So, does anyone know which version of this song is on the compilation?
    Thanks for any replies.

    • Don’t think I have the 1982 version. Just based on what little I hear of a sound clip, it’s far closer to the 1975 version with Laddie Cain than the 1992 version with Greg Cook. It’s definitely not the ’92 version.

      • With the way the recording sounded, I figured it was one of the older two. Thanks.



    • Yes – they’re working on getting it back up.