Sixth Anniversary Contest: Winner

Last Thursday, we launched a Three(?) Degrees of Separation contest. While we had a number of partial entries, it turns out the contest must have been too difficult; nobody guessed and submitted a complete list of all nine pairings! Of the incomplete responses, the answers from The Garms Family were the most complete, making them the contest winners.

Several readers expressed interest in seeing my answers, so here’s how I connected each pairing:

  • 1 connection: Jeff Chapman > Niles Borop > Steve Green (Jeff Chapman recorded “Steppin’ on the Stars,” co-written byNiles Borop, who co-wrote the Steve Green hit song “Proclaim the Glory of the Lord”)
  • 1 connection: Ernie Haase > Jeff Ferguson > T.D. Jakes (Ernie Haase recorded “It is Done” by Jeff Ferguson, who wrote “Woman, Thou Art Loosed” for Bishop T.D. Jakes)
  • 2 connections: Connie Hopper > Roger Talley > Jerry Salley > Steven Curtis Chapman (Connie Hopper performed in the Hoppers with Roger Talley, who recorded “The Broken Ones” co-written by Jerry Salley, who co-wrote “His Strength is Perfect” for Steven Curtis Chapman)
  • 2 connections: Pat Barker > Nick Trammell > Keith Brown > Mike Huckabee (Pat Barker sings in the Mark Trammell Quartet with Nick Trammell, who was a member of The Browns with sound engineer/patriarch Keith Brown, who was featured in a 2008 campaign commercial for Mike Huckabee)
  • 2 connections: George Younce > Bobby Clark > Eleanor Steber > George Szell (George Younce was a member of the Cathedrals with Bobby Clark, who studied operatic tenor under Eleanor Steber, who recorded with Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra conductor George Szell)
  • 3 connections: Libbi Perry Stuffle > Matthew Holt > David Phelps > George W. Bush > Arthur Blessitt (Libbi Perry Stuffle was a member of the Perrys with Matthew Holt, who is the current Homecoming pianist for Gaither Vocal Band tenor David Phelps, who has performed at the White House for George W. Bush, who was led to the Lord by Arthur Blessitt)
  • 3 connections: Andrew Goldman > Ryan Seaton > Jerry Salley > Jim McBride > Alan Jackson (Andrew Goldman sings in Union Street with Ryan Seaton, who recorded “John in the Jordan” by Jerry Salley, who has co-written many songs with Jim McBride, who wrote a hit song for country star Alan Jackson)
  • 3 connections: Channing Eleton > Kim Ryan White > Franklin Graham > Billy Graham > Harry Truman (Channing Eleton’s current official music video was directed by Kim Ryan White, who produced video for recent crusades by Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, who had a prayer meeting at the White House with Harry Truman)
  • 4 connections: Vestal Goodman > Rusty Goodman > Jack Mainord > David Reece > Bill Hefner > Nancy Pelosi (Vestal Goodman was a member of the Happy Goodmans with Rusty Goodman, who was a member of the Plainsmen with Jack Mainord, who was a member of the Plainsmen with David Reece, who was a member of the Harvesters with Bill Hefner, who served in the House as a member of the Democratic caucus with Nancy Pelosi)

We didn’t end up needing a tie-breaker!

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  1. I didn’t turn it in, but I can do you one better on one of them:

    Andrew Goldman – Ryan Seaton – Gordon Mote (played on EHSS’s tour one summer) – Alan Jackson (Mote has played on several of his albums)

    • Bravo. 🙂

      Seriously, I didn’t try as hard as I could have – I wanted people to turn in submissions that, at least on some of the connections, were even better than mine. I was just setting a point of comparison for any scoring – not actually trying to win! 🙂

      • I did a few more of them, but I didn’t have time to really go for it. The ones I did try, I used more connections than you, except on the one above. Songwriter connections were your specialty, and I didn’t really go there with mine.

      • Well, yes, I suppose that would stand to reason. My mind does go right there as soon as I start thinking of something like this!

  2. You did a great job with this Daniel. Sorry there wasn’t any more involvment than there was. It’s a great game, but maybe best done with a group of people in the same room.

    • No problem – I still think it was a great idea. I just came up with examples that were too challenging! 🙂

  3. Wow, we’re the winners? Cool – thanks! 🙂

    Oh, so that’s how you connected Vestal Goodman to Nancy Pelosi! We would have never guessed that shocking connection! 🙂


  4. I would have guessed the Connie Hopper and Steven Curtis Chapman one this way:
    Connie Hopper > Lari Goss > Danny Funderburk > Steven Curtis Chapman.
    Connie is a member of the Hoppers, whom Lari has produced for. Larry has produced Cathedral Qt. albums during Danny Funderburk’s tenre with the group. Danny recorded “I Can See The Hand”, which Steven Curtis Chapman wrote.

  5. You could connec Vestal and Nancy thru their autobiogaphies using the parent company But not sure if you could connect using acual people so wouldnt count. So Daniel Am interested in your George> Glen connection Did yu do that one and if so how many people did you use to connect?

    Goodman 1. Watbrook Pub. Co(ublished Vestls Book) 2. Random House inc (parent Company of Waterbrook) 3. Fropf Doubleday Pub. (A division of Random House Pub.) 4. Anchor pub.( a division of fropf Doubleday: Anchor published Nancy Polosi Book.

    • That’s cool – I hadn’t thought of that connection!