How do you listen to Southern Gospel on your smartphones?

Reader Donnie Ricks writes in to ask:

Good evening from the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. Although we are one of the largest metro areas in the nation, there is not a radio station devoted to Southern Gospel music in this part of the State. I\’ve downloaded several Apps for my smart phone which allows me to listen to one of my favorite music genres. My question is, would you be interested in providing a section on Southerngospel Blog which would list those free apps? Β This would allow others like myself who would otherwise not be able to listen to this timeless music to to have alternatives

Several years ago, I carried a smartphone for a while. But I decided I’d ratherΒ not be always connected, so now I only carry a turned-off, cheap Tracfone in case of emergency. I explained to Donnie that this made me somewhat less than an authority on the topic, but that I’d pass the question along to the readers.

How do you listen to Southern Gospel on your smartphones?

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  1. Just for the SG in general, I use Pandora. If I want to hear something specific its YouTube.

    • Cool! Pandora’s SG selection was mighty slim a few years back, but it has been slowly improving.

  2. I carry an iPhone and have all my music on it so it is always available for me to listen to.I cannot be without Southern Gospel music for very long.

    • I think different iPhones and Droids have vastly different storage capacities; some could hold quite a few songs, while others couldn’t hold many.

  3. I listen to Solid Gospel 105 and Joy FM, both are free apps on the iPhone.

    • Is Solid Gospel 105 part of the Salem/Solid Gospel network?

      • Yes, it is. The app will get you the main broadcast out of Nashville that is sent out to their affiliates who carry the Solid Gospel network across the country.

      • Cool. I assume it also has Nashville-specific ads?

  4. My favorite is KGHY 88.5

  5. I have three apps on my phone for Southern Gospel:

    1) Gospel Sing Time (simulcast of
    2) Live 365 (I set up an account on the computer, selected preset stations, and then use the app to access that same account and presets.)
    3) The Gospel Station (simulcast of

  6. Actually, Daniel, there are very few, if any, Nashville ads. They normally keep it very nationally based. In fact, I cannot recall one local ad. I assume that they can broadcast something nationally while cutting away to do something local, just like the stations that carry their broadcast do. Of course, youre talking to an 8-track girl living in an i-Pod world! I’m probably not the best authority on how this all works. πŸ™‚

    • Cool!

      I’m going to have to borrow that line one of these days! (Except I’m a LP guy in an mp3 world!)

      • I can’t take credit for that; my brother is always saying that and he probably heard it from some comedian. But it holds more truth than I care to admit!!

      • OK. πŸ™‚

      • I’m not 100% positive if it was original to him, but I know that comedian Dennis Swanberg used that line (8-track/iPod) as the title of one of his comedy DVDs.

  7. I have an iPhone, but basically, I don’t listen to SG via Radio Apps. Since my list of faves in SG are very limited, I find it is better for me to just load my favorite CD’s onto the phone and listen to them via my phone’s iPod function.

    The groups I listen to most are L5, Greater Vision, Perrys, & Booth Brothers – – – and of course I also have OLD Goffs, Jd Sumner & The Stamps, & Bill Gaither Trio stuff that gets played a LOT! I probably listen to the OLD stuff twice as much as the new!

    Side note – if you don’t have a phone (turned on) how do you get the comment notifications so quickly? πŸ™‚

    • Email. πŸ™‚

      • So you ARE still connected. πŸ™‚

      • Only when my computer is on! I can turn my computer off and be completely unreachable – and I do in the mornings and evenings every day!

  8. When I listen to SG on the smartphone, these days I typically go to Rick Carpitcher’s online station called sonrise1 southern gospel radio. You can get it through the iPhone app called TuneIn Radio. The quality and selection of the music are better than Pandora, which is not too bad and even SolidGospel. I love SolidGospel, but the app plays for a couple of minutes and then cuts out much of the time, so I’ve quit using it much.

    The COOLEST thing about SonRiseRadio1, to me is, that you can connect it to iTunes and just play it from your computer in a Playlist – just point and click at anytime. Once you get it in there, it’s saved as a playlist. So you can get the same thing on your iPhone or on iTunes on your computer. They have other options for other media players as well for the computer. Rick’s done a great job with this. Go to

    The way the SolidGospel feed works is they have a national feed that goes to all of the stations subscribing to the SolidGospel. All of the commercial breaks are national ads or generic Public Service Announcements. The local stations have a certain amount of ‘breaks’ per hour where they can sell local ads. Those are only played on the local affiliates but not on the webcast.

  9. I smiled when I read Barbara’s post. Those songwriters…just can’t keep ’em from RHYMING. And that is a GOOD thing! πŸ™‚

  10. I have used both an Android and an iPhone. In both cases, I always kept a selection of mp3’s on the phone’s storage. If I wanted something outside of there, I would typically use Pandora, but their selection is hit or miss; plus, they use album cuts as opposed to singles, so if you get a live clip, you also wind up getting any emcee/talking on the track, as well.

    I still have an EVO (which is an Android device), and although the phone aspect no longer works, the WiFi aspect still does, so I use it as a mini tablet around the house.

  11. Like you, I recently ditched my smartphone and went back to a basic phone.

    I do have a Kindle, though. I use Pandora on it.

    • I have a Kindle e-reader – not a tablet.

  12. Gerald Wolfe introduced me to an app called Slacker Radio. He even manages a station on there he created and selected a lot of the music he listens to.

    You can check out how it works and what devices they have apps for at their site

    Also, here’s a video explaining what they are about…

    I’m still learning myself, but it seems to work well. You also do not have to use headphones, as some apps require you to do.

  13. I really enjoy listening to the JoyFM app on my iPhone. I also have music downloaded on my phone. I used to listen to Pandora, but found myself skipping a lot of songs. And I don’t think it has as many current songs.

    • Well, it would stand to reason that their selection wouldn’t be particularly current, with how complex and lengthy their submissions process is (even for the major SG labels).

  14. I use pandora on occasion (i agree that sometimes their playlist is repetitive and slim, but it has improved). Other times, when I have available wifi, i will use my sirius/xm app to listen to enlighten.

    I have used spotify in the past and of course, some playlists that I have in my iPhone.

  15. Well, I don’t have a smartphone, but I have an iPad…

    I used to do Spotify a lot, but I’ve found that SG artists are slow to release new projects there. I still use it some though… Have used Pandora, but some of their songs that roll through on shuffle are hit and miss. I was recently referred to the Solid Gospel app, and it seems to be, um…solid. Its my favorite if you want more of a radio feel. If you like listening to a project straight through, Spotify is the best if it has your project.

    • Really? I think Spotify has a much better music selection than some of its competitors. I hate Pandora. πŸ™‚ I like to choose my music, but that’s just me.

  16. I have 2000 abums from the40’s- 80’s and 300 cassettes so I go old school and listen to them. not so big on modern SG/ listen to some but they have to hve o ld school sound. jut a preference not saying anyhing bad about anything

  17. I mainly listen to my own music collection, but on occasion I listen to Slacker Radio as well as the Joy FM app. I really enjoy Joy FM. They offer a great selection of music, both old and new presented in a great way (not to many slow songs back to back and vise versa), whereas slacker deals with mainly older music from a variety of artists. Both in my opinion are good choices in apps depending on what you are looking for.

    On a side note I am very glad for apps like these because the only SG radio station in my area does not come in to well because I live just outside its coverage range. So thanks to all the stations that provide these apps for all of us to enjoy.

  18. I own a iPhone..and the best radio station that i have come across is..TuneIn Radio,..i live in Canada and the reception is great!!…and neat thing about it is, can save your favourite Southern Gospel Station in your Favorite section..and it is always there to access!!!

    • Neat! I was especially hoping that some of this site’s international readers would chime in!

  19. Daniel, i love your a great place for all Southern Gospel News..and more!!!..Ding..Ding!!

    • Thanks! Well, there are so many great apps already out there that I would be entering quite a crowded marketplace already!

  20. Oh by the way..has anyone heard of what happened to HISSONG?

    • I haven’t heard anything publicly available yet.

  21. Tune In Radio has a lot of SG stations and is free. There are also subscription based apps like Mog and Rdio where you can choose what you listen to.

  22. I personally like Spotify as well. I believe their app is free for smart phones where in the past it was a paid service. There is a lot of old music 50s and 60s stuff up to modern stuff like the GVB album. There is also some hard to find southern gospel CDs of days gone by. I was apprehensive that they would have a lot of stuff but pleasantly surprised. One advantage over other services I can actually choose what to listen to and mix that with music already on my hard drive if I am at home as opposed to online radio where it chooses for me. The program itself is very much like Itunes.

    • I wish it was free for smartphones! But, alas you have to pay. πŸ™ At least on my phone.

      • I believe that the normal Spotify requires payment on smartphones, but they also have a streaming radio service where they pick the songs that is free on smartphones.

  23. I am a big fan of Gospel music.

  24. I don’t like using streaming services in an era where unlimited data plans no longer exist. Plus, living in a rural area makes consistent data availability spotty, so it’s not reliable, anyway. So I put a huge (64GB) additional memory card in my smartphone (Galaxy S III) that will hold the vast majority of my music collection. I’m probably going to take my previous phone (Galaxy S) and make a dedicated music player out of it in the near future to leave in my car full-time.

    • That is an interesting point. There has been all this talk about how the mobile era would revolutionize all areas of computing. But outside of finding local businesses, e.g. a nearby restaurant, I’m not too sure but that data caps might not reverse a lot of those predictions.

  25. I have many songs on my sd card, but I enjoy searching out great songs on youtube, and listening to them that way, most if all.