3:1 DVD Review: Lari Goss: The Man Behind the Music

Lari Goss: The Man Behind the Music3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Song and group lineup: The lineup of groups appearing at this live tribute to legendary producer Lari Goss is basically a who’s who of Gospel Music: The Booth Brothers, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Babbie Mason, The Hoppers, The Mark Trammell Quartet, Greater Vision, Legacy Five, TaRanda Greene, The Martins, The Nelons, Karen Peck, Charlotte Ritchie, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, Melissa Brady, Geron Davis, and the Christ Church Choir. 

Imagine each of these groups performing their greatest songs, with a…

2: Live orchestra: Lari Goss’s orchestrations are magnificent, but that magnificence just isn’t fully appreciated when they are delivered by three or four singers on stage with a soundtrack machine. The orchestra here wasn’t just any orchestra—it was the Nashville String Machine, the studio performers who are on so many of the original versions of these songs.

It doesn’t hurt that the house band includes Kevin Williams on guitar, Wesley Pritchard on bass guitar, Mike Hopper on drums, and, on many songs, the man himself, Lari Goss, on piano!

3: Video image quality: Thanks to the filming taking place at TBN’s studios, the cinematography—image quality, lighting, and resolution—is magnificent.  

:1: Nothing: This DVD doesn’t have a single flaw.

Here’s a case in point: Narrations. For those of you who enjoy them, they’re often pleasant, subdued moments. But many of you, on the other hand, skip the narrations. When was the last time you heard a narration get a standing ovation? That’s exactly what happens with Gerald Wolfe’s narration on “Statement of Faith.”

You can give this DVD to someone new to the genre, and comment “This is what Southern Gospel is all about.” If this doesn’t get someone hooked on Southern Gospel, there’s a fairly strong chance nothing will.

Traditional or Progressive: Middle-of-the-road, largely fully orchestrated.

Credits: Produced by Jim Brady, Gerald Wolfe, and Phil Brower. Recorded live at Trinity Music City, Hendersonville, Tennessee. Directed by Kim White and Graham Bustin. Live sound engineer: Robert Dixon. Post Production video editing: Jim Brady, Gerald Wolfe, Phil Brower, Cindy Carter, and Eddy Joyner at TMC Studios, Hendersonville, Tennessee, and Tre’ Corley and Paul Corley at Oak Tree Studios, Hendersonville, Tennessee. Post production audio mix by Bob Williams and Jim Brady.

Song List: Overture of Praise (performed by Lari Goss and the Nashville String Machine, conducted by Mike Casteel); I See Grace (performed by The Booth Brothers); Then I Met the Master (performed by The Booth Brothers); Glory to God in the Highest (performed by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound); Oh What a Savior (performed by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound); He’ll Find a Way (performed by Babbie Mason); Marriage Supper of the Lamb (performed by The Hoppers); Jerusalem (performed by The Hoppers); I Want to Know (performed by The Mark Trammell Quartet); It’s Almost Over (performed by The Mark Trammell Quartet); Champion of Love (performed by Cathedrals Alumni); Faces (performed by Greater Vision); Redeemed Medley (performed by Greater Vision); Thankful for The Change (performed by Legacy Five); I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked (performed by TaRanda Greene); Doxology (performed by The Martins); I Am Bound for The Promised Land (performed by The Martins); We Shall Wear a Crown (performed by The Nelons, Karen Peck Gooch, and Charlotte Ritchie); Oh For a Thousand Tongues (performed by The Nelons, Karen Peck Gooch, and Charlotte Ritchie); All in All (performed by Jim Brady); Statement of Faith (all artists); We Shall Wear a Crown reprise (all artists). Bonus tracks: Midnight Cry (performed by Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, Michael Booth, Julie Goss, and Jim and Melissa Brady); I Am is Enough (performed by Geron Davis, Bradley Knight, and the Christ Church Choir Singers).

Five-star songs: Pretty nearly every song.

DVD rating: Five Stars.

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t watched this. It’s been sitting in my house since NQC, where I bought it. I did see the showcase, so I got a little preview!

    • Watch it! The showcase was good, but the DVD with a live orchestra is so much better!

  2. Melissa Brady…. You wrote Grady. Lol

  3. I have to say, the Cathedral’s alumni singing Champion of Love is my favorite part about the whole DVD. But I won’t ruin why I love it, because Brian has to watch it first! 😉

  4. You mention that giving this DVD to someone new to the genre would be an excelent way to introduce them to Southern Gospel. I agree. But, there is the possibility that this DVD would OVERSELL the genre. I mean, if someone was to watch this video and think that all major Southern Gospel cocnerts have this production value, an orchestra, and the lighting, they would be quite dissapointed even in going to see most of the groups that appear on this video.

  5. Mike Hopper, not Dean 😉 but I agree this is one of the most amazing DVD experiences ever!!!

    • Oh, dear. I was pretty sick yesterday and I guess it showed! 🙁

      • Aww I’m sorry! I hope you feel better!!! 🙂

      • Thanks! I am already doing better today.

  6. I don’t have the DVD, but did see it on TBN. Great to have a live orchestra and band, but disappointed to see them obviously playing along with tracks. Great to salute Mr. Goss, but disappointed to see it done at TBN and not a real symphony concert hall. Great to have such an array of artists, but disappointed that the program lacked a real, personable host.

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  7. Daniel,
    Great review. It was my most favorite SG dvd of the year with David Phelps. Now if only ernie Haase would release that Cathedrals concert.

    • The EHSS tribute album? That’s already out.

      The 1996 live recording was audio-only.

  8. Where’s the best place to pick up a copy? Would it be in the local Family Bookstores or is this likely an online purchase only? Thanks.

  9. Jimandmelissabrady.com has it for sale as do many groups

  10. I would love to meet “John”. He seems like a really nice, positive guy who would be the “life of the party.” 🙂

    • Haha!!!! :)) I thought the same thing!

  11. 🙂

  12. Comment

    • Stowtown’s Cathedrals Live In Chicago is so good. Up until now have only heard them on video, Now for the first time I hear George Younce as he should be heard. I’m not in professional music but what I hear in this project is a fantastic bass voice and now I know why so many bass singers aspire to be like him. The second thing I want to mention is the Lari Goss video. Love every minute of it. A pure SG treat.

  13. I’d like to comment on two projects. First the Stowtown production “The