3:1 DVD/CD Review: Discover Your Voice (Steve Hurst)

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Concept: Steve Hurst is one of Southern Gospel’s most-respected voice teachers. This CD/DVD set contains a live recording of one of his voice workshops. For those who are unable, whether logistically or financially, to attend one of his schools or workshops in person, this recording’s availability is a welcome resource.

2: CD/DVD availability: The case includes three DVDs, and three CDs that contain the same audio. Having an identical audio version also available is incredibly helpful for rehearsal.

3: Scope: There are extensive discussions on voice placement, vocal registers, proper breathing, power, and vocal warm-ups. But the presentation is wide-ranging; Hurst also covers posture, facial expressions, hand gestures, nerves, and the Biblical ministry objectives for speakers and singers. 

:1: Ads: Interspersed with the segments are ads for the Steve Hurst School of Music. Though mildly distracting, these aren’t a huge minus—certainly not enough to avoid purchasing this incredibly valuable resource.

Credits: Produced by Steve & Mary Hurst and John Rowsey. Producer’s Assistant: Damar Noecker. Post-production audio and video: Rodney Underwood. Guests: Gary Casto, Mary Anne Oglesby, John Rowsey, Josh Singletary, Debra Talley, Lauren Talley. Audio: Dave Vance. Recorded at Christ Temple, Huntington, West Virginia.

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  1. I highly recommend that anyone interested in the area of Christian music consider attending the Steve Hurst School of Music. The roster of instructors is amazing (including such artists as the Mark Trammell Quartet, Tribute Quartet, the Talleys, Jim and Melissa Brady, Jeff Stice, Channing Eleton, Eric and Laura Ollis, John Darin Rowsey, along with many others), the quality and quantity of instruction cannot be equaled, the location (Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee) is gorgeous, and most importantly, the atmosphere of spiritual encouragement and enlightenment has to be experienced to be believed. And no, this isn’t a paid promotional advertisement; just the testimonial of a very satisfied and appreciative customer!

  2. I would highly recommend this CD/DVD set. Nothing can replace the benefits of the live instruction that you would receive by actually attending the Steve Hurst School of Music (which I would also highly recommend if it is at all possible for you)…but this is as close as you can get!

    It is worth every penny if you are interested in using your voice in ministry (or even if you are already in ministry)! If you want to be a good steward of the talents God has given you, the Discover Your Voice set is a fantastic step in that direction!

    Daniel, I’m glad you chose to review this set. I know it’s not the typical review for you (although you have reviewed a few similar types of instructional materials in the past, if memory serves)…but I’m really glad to see this series get some more exposure in the Southern Gospel community through your blog. God bless, and keep doin’ what you do!

    • You’re welcome, and I’m glad you enjoyed the review! I can think of one other instructional material-type item I reviewed before. It’s definitely a departure from the normal fare, but I think a change of pace in this fashion is certainly nice on occasion.

  3. Daniel, you did not include any availability information in your review . . . where might one find this resource? Thanks.