CD Review: Incredible Power (Rogers Family)

Incredible Power (Rogers Family)The Rogers Family might not be a particularly recognized name as a Southern Gospel performing artist. But close observers who actually read production credits will have been seeing their names for years. James Rogers, patriarch of the family, was a staff writer for the Singing Americans Music Company for six years; his best-remembered song from that time period is probably “Holy is Thy Name,” recorded by the Singing Americans and the Perry Sisters. He also owns and is engineer for Crowning Touch Studio.

James is joined by his wife, Wanda, their son Paul, and Paul’s wife, Brittney. Paul, a drummer, played drums for the album. They were joined by an all-star team of musicians—Danny Crawford at keyboards and strings, Mylon Hayes on bass, Jeremy Medkiff on electric guitars, and David Johnson on everything else.

Group members also wrote over half of the album’s songs; James Rogers wrote five songs, and his daughter-in-law Brittney added two more.

Most recordings by Southern Gospel groups leave a variety of aspects (songwriting, instrument playing, engineering, post-production) to professionals in each area. Sometimes a group member will pitch in in one area; Gus Gaches and Arthur Rice both are involved in engineering their groups’ projects, while Rodney Griffin and Joseph Habedank both write significant percentages of their groups’ songs. But all too often, when you see group members involved in every step of the process, at least one or two of the areas hasn’t been done as well as a professional would have done it. This album is a shining exception; every aspect is as professionally done as one would expect out of a Daywind or Crossroads release.

Standout tracks include “Look What Happened There,” “There’s Still Power,” “Heart Collector,” and “I’ll Never Stop Loving Him.” Also, “There’s a Light Guiding Me” is a strong rendition of the classic song.

A project this strong from the Hayes Family, the Browns, or the Old Paths might come as no particular surprise. But a project this strong coming from a regional group is a pleasant surprise.

Traditional or Progressive: Middle-of-the-road.

Group Members: James, Wanda, Paul, and Brittney Rogers.

Credits: Producer: None Credited. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Crowning Touch Studio. Engineered by James Rogers. Musicians: Danny Crawford (Keyboards and Strings); David Johnson (Acoustic, Steel, Mandolin, Dobro, Fiddle, Harmonica, Electric Guitars); Jeremy Medkiff (Electric Guitars); Mylon Hayes (bass); Paul Rogers (Drums).

Song List: Grave Robber (written by James Rogers); Looking to the Master’s Plan (written by Brittney Rogers); There’s Still Power (written by Carl Apple); Heart Collector (written by Bruce Carroll and James Isaac Eliot); Incredible Power (written by James Rogers); My Heart Was In Your Hand (written by James Rogers); I’ll Never Stop Loving Him (written by James Rogers); Jesus On the Main Line; There’s a Light Guiding Me; No One Else But You (written by Brittney Rogers); Look What Happened There (written by James Rogers); Don’t Wait Any Longer (written by Jeff Smith).

Five-star songs: Look What Happened There.

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  1. One of the greatest families we know. Great spirit in their singing and such talent.

  2. The Rogers family are some wonderfully talented family…they love the Lord with all their hearts.. very blessed to know them and be apart of their lives..

  3. The Rogers family ministry is a rare find for Church’s today, A group that is grounded in the word of God and a genuine Blessing each time they Minister

  4. Love the Rogers family, they are so gifted each and everyone of them. Being part of the family on the Jones side I wonder why I didn’t get some little talent, oh well maybe some day.

  5. The rogers family are an extreme blessing to every place they go to they are truly annnoited and talented and real worshippers! I love them! Extrememly talented from our hometown!