Old Paths earn first #1 Hit

The Old Paths announced on Facebook that their current radio single, “Battle Stand,” will be #1 on the Singing News December 2012 charts. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] It’s encouraging to see them get this level of recognition; they are well-deserving of the honor. 

We’ve been talking them up for almost six years now, including working with them on an mp3 giveaway promotion to debut their 2008 album and including them in a 2008 list we published of Southern Gospel’s top five unsigned artists. (Since that post, of course, they have signed with Crossroads.)

Here’s a video of the group performing the song:

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  1. This Lead singer is one of the most underated I’ve heard in quite some time!

  2. So proud of TOP Quartet!!! They are some super guys and they are all among the best in the southern gospel world in their respective position!! Daniel is one more great bass singer and is so young too!! Of course, he is from Mississippi so that helps! LOL!

  3. They deserve it!

  4. Great song! But I was also impressed with Jeremy Peace on that rendition of O, What A Savior! What a great range and control on those top notes. His voice has matured since his time with the Kingsmen. He seemed a little thinner on his tones back then compared to now. And their bass singer is really good as well.

    • Jeremy does keep improving (though count me among those who really liked his voice back then).

  5. I loved Jeremy’s rendition of Oh, What a Saviour and especially the slight change in some words in the first verse. Although I love the song and could listen to Ernie sing it for a month of Sundays, the line that says, “they searched through heaven and found a Saviour” makes me uneasy. It is not a Sccriptural concept that the Father, or anyone else, had to search for one as we know that Jesus stood as the propitiation for my sins before the world’s foundation. Jeremy’s line was spot on! “Though Christ came from heaven to be my Saviour” Now, that’s Biblically based.

    Finally, he can hang with Ernie, Brian, Danny Funderburk or any other great tenor singer in SGM. Now, get them to Texas.:

  6. Well deserved and overdue! I believe they are one of the best quartets in the industry, solid from top to bottom.

  7. I hadn’t really heard these guys until Daniel joined the group, but now they’re one of my favorites!

    Now can we get them on NQC main stage? Overdue.

  8. I am more than thrilled about this news. These are four fine young men who also happen to sing VERY well! I hope that this is just their first #1 song and that they will have many more!!

  9. I am happy for the Old Paths and this great song. However, I am happy because this is also the writer’s first #1 song. Congrats to Rodney Birch of the Roy Knight Singers!

  10. We are looking forward to having them at the Memphis Quartet Show!

  11. Congratulations to one of the best groups going right now. Absolutely well deserved and I’m sure there will be more. I agree with some others here, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have been included on the main stage at NQC. But, I’m sure they’ll do just fine at the Memphis Quartet Show!