Saturday News Roundup #142

Worth Knowing

  • Musicscribe found several more details about NQC 2014: It will be a two-venue event, with off-site showcases, and all the seating will be on a flat floor.ย [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Southern Sound has hired a new tenor, Will Shaw.
  • Paul Harkey has made his public debut with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. Here’s a videoย (hat tip, Josh).
  • Legacy Five has a post on “Getting to Know Matt Fouch” (among other things).

Worth Watching

David Crowder recently showed up at Gaither Studios to record “Because He Lives” with Bill Gaither. Here’s a video of Crowder doing the song live; beyond how cool his beard is, it’s also pretty cool to see his young audience get excited over the song.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturdayโ€”you decide!

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  1. Here’s another video of Paul Harkey. This one is really strong (at least till the chorus, when someone who can’t carry a tune starts singing loudly in the audience!): [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.]

    • The video has apparently been removed.

      • Aww, too bad! He was singing, of all things, “Scars in the Hands of Jesus” (and doing quite a good job.)

    • Heres a Facebook video of that song from Saturday night:

      Moving Up to Gloryland:

      (You shouldn’t need to be logged in to FB to view)

      • Thanks, Josh, the SG Video sleuth!

        (For whatever it’s worth: Posts with 2+ links automatically go into the queue for approval.)

      • Yes I know that.

        And I’m no sleuth, I’m just FB friends with some of the EHSS “groupies”

      • OK, just so you know I wasn’t holding it back manually! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Paul sang with EHSS on Sept 30 in Owensboro, KY. That may have been his first weekend, but he was wonderful! He has a large stage presence that matches well with EHSS.

  3. I am actually fine with having NQC in Pigeon Forge. I am not so thrilled about a flat venue with offsite showcases. Much of the draw for NQC can be attributed to the electricity of a huge crowd in a big arena. If the event takes a sharp decline in attendance the first year, it will be a slippery slope. It could very quickly become just another Gatlinburg Gathering, and most of us faithful attendees will have no compelling reason to return.

    Remember: NQC cannot happen without exhibitors and fans. Gotta keep them happy.

  4. Now, if Signature Sound was calmer during most of the song, it would put greater emphasis & energy on the moments when they would choose to move around. This is too much for my tastes.
    As far as Ian goes, is he really “being himself”, or is he trying to fit in the mold of Tim Duncan? Sounds to me like he’s trying to sing it like Tim did.

    • Quaid – you’re viewing a small portion of the whole event. They are calm during most of their songs, and have a few high-energy numbers. So they really can’t be judged by one socialcam or Youtube.

  5. Yes, that’s true. “Reason Enough”, for example, wouldn’t be a song to be very energetic on.

    As far as the video that was removed, I clicked on the link and got something about a parrot! HaHa! Had NOTHING to do with Paul Harkey.

    • I would say that, the last few times I’ve seen them, they have been energetic on approximately 1 of every 8 songs in their live sets. It didn’t seem to be excessive live.

      • Really, the only main active songs are Get Away, Everytime, GtGitH. Their reputation for dancing is a lot worse than the reality actually is.

      • What is GtGitH? Glory to God in the Highest? ๐Ÿ˜›

        Never seen it abbreviated that way!

      • Yeah sorry, I was being lazy.

    • Let me rephrase the beginning of the 2nd sentence…
      “Concerning the video that was removed……”

  6. Ahhh… there’s only a few that pull off the Crowder hair & beard. Thanks for posting this, Daniel. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You’re welcome. I’d grow my beard out that long if I could get away with it in this genre. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Post from Tim Duncan on Facebook:

    Had a great time today filling in with The Lefever quartet! Pray for the guys as their search continues for a new bass singer

    Follow-up from his wife, Melissa:

    He is still with Canton Junction!! He had some free time and Mike asked if he could fill in for a while until he found a permanent bass singer, so Tim was more than happy to help him out!

  8. Here’s a short glimpse of EHSS:

  9. I’ve never gotten to hear EH&SS live, outside of NQC. I’m looking forward to hearing them with Paul. I first met Paul in Temple, Texas. Our good friend, pastor/promoter Tony Watson hosted a concert with The Anchorman and Promise, as part of his concert series. It was a great night, and I was immediately impressed with Paul’s singing, as well as his personality on and off stage. He’ll be a great addition, as I’m sure fans are already figuring out!

    Also, I was a bit confused by one of Quaid’s posts. Was he referring to Paul, but accidentally called him Ian, when saying he was “trying to sing like Tim did?” I personally found Ian to have a very different voice than Tim’s. I liked it. As far as Paul, he may sound reminiscent to Tim to some, but that’s just Paul being himself. He’s just got a great bass voice.

    • Oops, I did say that! I didn’t even catch the mistake when I posted the comment.
      Yes, David, I was referring to Paul: thought that he was singing it like Tim would have.
      Paul indeed is a great bass, one of the best young bass singers on the road.

  10. I just finished wathcing 2 additional clips of “Get Away Jordan”. One was with Devin and Ian, and the other was with Ryan Seaton and Tim Duncan, off of the “Get Away Jordan” DVD.
    The group blend, and the lead singer’s verse, to me, was superior when Ryan was with them. But, considering the bass solo’s, by far, my pick is the version with Paul.

  11. For any Ohioans interested:
    The Gold City Quartet will be in Shelby, OH at First Lutheran Church on Sunday, October 28 at 6:00pm.
    This is a free concert (love offering) due to a last minute cancellation in their schedule.
    We invite you to come and enjoy one of Gospel music’s most loved quartets.

  12. Since I’m apparently a SG video sleuth, here’s another one.

    Here’s the YouTube video description:
    The concert on 10/20/12 @ Lilburn, Ga was to benefit the Gwinette Masters Special Olympics. Doug coached a basketball camp from 2-4 and Ernie got some court time with these special athletes. After the concert, Ernie invited them on stage. This video captures that special time.

    I think this is very cool!

    • The SG Video sleuth comes through again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Legal question comin’ on…….Are record/cassette/cd art protected? in other wods can I scan my albums font and back and post them online? I maake copies for the cd Imake of each album and thought since I have the covers scanned there might be others tha want copies of the covers and I now how hard it is to put these together sing a normal scanner(8 1/2 x 11.7) when an album is 12.2 x 12.2, …I have ound some back covers to be abslutly awesome…sometimes better than the front. I have as of now all the Cathedral projects done front and back covers. will be doing this with all my albums and cassettes.

    • Technically, the answer is yes, they either (a) can be or (b) automatically have copyright protection if they’re new enough. In practice, though, artists and record labels rarely stop anyone from posting at least the cover art online, figuring that the more awareness there is of an album, the more likely it is to help rather than to hurt sales. That is not, however, always the case, I am sure!

  14. Sorry I know yall are on another topic. Saw your David Crowder/Bill Gaither video listed. As the dad to younger kids I have been drug to my share of Contemporary Christian Concerts. We saw David Crowder at an event called the Rock and Worship Road Show. There are quite a few groups of the harder variety there. Then David Crowder comes out. They play a set of his contemporary hits. All of a sudden he and his band break out banjos fiddles mandolins and accoustic guitars. Im telling you they played a set of blue grass music that would have made the Lewis Family proud. Crazy thing is the kids went wild they loved it which I found hilarious given the venue. I like his music before but really liked him after that.

    • That is quite interesting! His abilities are evidently quite diverse (as are those of his band)!