Classic CD Review: With Feeling Live (McKameys)

Rating: 4 stars (of 5)

Song List: I Shall Be at Home With Jesus; A Borrowed Tomb; His Blood is On My Soul; God Knows My Heart; Amazing Grace Recitation; Oh What a Friend; I Prayed for You; Do You Know How it Feels; Someday; I Can Almost Hear the Trumpet.

Available from: Crossroads.

* * *

The McKameys released With Feeling Live in 1992; after several years of being out of print, Crossroads recently re-issued it digitally.

After the opening song, “I Shall Be at Home with Jesus,” Peg McKamey Bean began talking about her mother’s passing and introduced the song “A Borrowed Tomb.” Interestingly, while many groups start slower and build to an emotional peak later in the night, she was in high gear by the end of the second song, particularly on the encore.

After the song, Reuben Bean intoduced and sang “His Blood is On My Soul.” By changing topics and emcees, the McKameys were able to move to a more medium gear for the next several songs.

After a medium-tempo convention song, “Oh What a Friend,” the group shifted back into high gear with “I Prayed For You.” They sustained this through the final three songs, “Do You Know How it Feels,” “Someday,” and “I Can Almost Hear the Trumpet.”

Unlike other groups whose classic projects I’ve reviewed recently, the McKameys have kept the same sound (largely thanks to keeping the same vocalists) since this project was released. If you like today’s McKameys, this project is a must-have addition to your collection.

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  1. I was at this concert when it was recorded several years ago. It was done during a time when they were having their Homecoming. It is a pleasure to know that The McKameys ard still around and “being real”.

    Love them!

  2. I believe this was their first album with Crossroads. It’s also their latest live album…which is sad! I wish they’d make a live album soon.